Deep psychology...


Hello everyone!

I'm Nishijima from the Hiroshima branch, and my brain is filled with "worries"!

Maybe the darkness in the depths of my heart was seen through by the maker in my brain...

Is a lie!There is no such darkness!smile

 Let's stop talking about chaos here and get to the point!

As long as I'm very happy to have a lot of opportunities to meet men who want to join recently!
Please continue to contact me m(_ _)m How are you?I can't hear you

During the interview, we would like to talk about men's work,

So many surprises! !

I will tell you, "It's amazing!"
(I'm sorry that I can only comment with little vocabulary)

However, all the men are the same, saying, "It's not great at all!"

It can't be amazing! ! !I am always screaming in my heart.
It's kind of you to say that sometimes

I'm sure you've been through a lot of hardships that I don't know.

I respect him very much when I think that he was able to get past that point and achieve "success".

I think that such people need time to rest and heal!

Please help us with that!

I will do my best to make it a wonderful time!

Thank you for your continued support of the Hiroshima branch!
For those who are still considering it, thank you from now on! !(You're too quick)

If you're interested in Universe Club, we'd love to hear from you.
Please feel free to contact us and Nishijima will be happy!

Please let me know! !

Hiroshima branch opening campaignIf you use , you can join and use at a great price!

If you would like to join us,Now is your chance!(Certain commercial style)

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Nickname is Nissy even though she can't sing well.I will do my best to convey Nishijima's feelings through the text.

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