I don't have writing ability, transmission ability, or planning ability.However, there is a special skill that does not eat for 12 days.


Always I am indebted.

I'm Takita, who doesn't have interesting ideas like Teratsuji. .
This blog is always like a diary, so even if you ignore me, I won't be disappointed.

Takita thinks that the passing between men and women is interesting in a way these days.

Even the feedback from the date the other day
“A man suddenly started playing a game during a date. 』And that. ..

You can share your time with the woman by receiving a setting fee.
Date and Takita are aware of
Maybe the male member was bored with the conversation?
Or did you just want a normal date where you do what each other likes?

I have a question.

It's free love, so I think any form is fine.
I don't think it's a very good thing that a woman has had a bad experience.

Passing each other is often dating type.

In the past, women who knew the dating club were working at night
I have the impression that there are many women who are doing entertainment activities and have a little personality.

NowadaysDaddy activities = eating meals and spending money of the recognition that
The number of women who come to register with a slightly lighter feeling is increasing, and the number of dating type A women is also increasing.

I was treated to a delicious meal and even received transportation expenses ♪ I'm happy ♪

It's like this.

doing an interview
Papa katsu = a woman who wants to be a lover Takita's thoughts like
Papa-katsu = Meal Papa I think that there is also a difference in recent trends like this.

I think it's our role to fill that gap, understand it, and go on dates positively.

from someone the other day
“Men who have just started playing like Fujiko Mine.
Men who are accustomed to play look for women with good naive personalities.”
I was told.

Hoho~ I thought, but it's true!I thought both.

When I joined the company, the representative Kida sometimes interviewed normal [Standard] and [Gold] women rather than beautiful women.
It seemed very fun.

I wonder why~
Ai Takita in the sweet era wondered if she put so much effort into the low setting fee.

But now I know.
It's fun to take pictures of beautiful women as beautiful women
More fun transforming rough stones into diamonds

The interview just a little while ago was also a dating type A and I'm not beautiful at all, but the voice I make during the shoot is erotic
Oh, this woman is absolutely lewd.Takita who imagined without permission

The woman of yesterday was by no means a beautiful face, but she worked hard and had smooth skin.
Her gestures when she was talking were so cute that I was enthusiastic about shooting.
I would be happy if I could get an offer. .
I think she's the type of woman who does a lot of different things!

A job where you can find a lot of good things in people
It's really fun and deep.What do you think?

The story changes completely, but Takita once every six months 12 days of fastingTo do.
During fasting, you can mysteriously get rid of things and know what you are obsessed with
Think about the rest of your life, change your way of thinking about food,
It will be time to look at myself in various ways, such as why I met this job and why I like this job.

My friends often tell me that I can't because I haven't eaten for 12 days.
Assuming an 80-year life (24 hours x 365 days x 80 years) = a fraction of the 700,800 hours
I think it would be nice to have a day to rest my body, internal organs, and brain.
※Is the calculation correct? (>_<)

For those who are really worried, who don't understand themselves, or who eat too much and become self-loathing
Fasting is recommended♪

One more thing!
doing this job

Time is money  
There are many male members who cherish this word.

I knew this word as if I knew it
After all, the degree of knowing is different from male members!
This kind of realization is also a lesson in life, the work of this universe club.

When I write down my thoughts while fasting, my goal for the rest of my life is
Know your own time and cherish family time.

For female members, once-in-a-lifetime encounters can change your thoughts and values.
It was Takita who wanted to have such a wonderful encounter.

 Come to think of it, yesterdaybrain maker It looked fun and I tried Takita's too!

Tsu Toyo

Big hit!
I don't lie much. . .

On the other hand, I tried the representative kida.
Again. . . .

Oh w(*゚o゚*)w It's a hit!


I apologize for the inconsistent post.
I will be heading to the Roppongi branch (*The person in charge looks super cute, but the contents will be later than Oyaji Takasaki), so please excuse me.

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