[Tokyo] Free Toppings You Shouldn't Have Ordered

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What happened at the ramen shop I went to the other day.
The ramen I ordered was served by my neighbor.
The moment the neighbor said, "Is it okay to eat?"
The clerk says, "I'm sorry, I made a mistake," from left (neighbor) to right (self)
A stunning slide that doesn't even shake the soup.


Wow!We smiled at each other, but to different degrees.
Neighbor (^v^;) Myself ( ̄▽ ̄;)
It's like this when you make emoticons.


Well, there are occasional mistakes in the provision, but what do you dislike?
The gaze of the person next to me was poured.
I didn't ask for that kind of topping. .
A bowl that once belonged to a neighbor.
Menma is already in it, but even the neighbor's mask is said to be topped and eaten. .
Better yet, you should have just eaten it!
I don't need free toppings and I'll wait until the next lot!


Received the baton from Shichijo


■Name…Shunichi Matsuzaka
■Branch name: Tokyo now
How long have you been with the company? About 3 years and 7 months




QXNUMX. What kind of woman was the woman you interviewed most recently?
This is a woman who came to Tokyo from the Hokuriku region on the second day.
Her stylish double teeth, natural smile and demeanor left a good impression on me from the moment I met her.
I think that she is a woman with a soul that cannot be imagined from her delicate appearance.


QXNUMX. Who is your favorite male member?
Fashionable and fun n-sama.
When the first setting was a mismatch
"There's no time to waste because it's going to be a story~"
It's a quote.
"I only spend what I earn, so I don't have any savings."
And I don't have a wallet, cash is in my pocket.
It's cool.
Hire a driver!
I'll get it cleaned up! !


QXNUMX. What is your favorite job such as interviewing men, interviewing women, setting adjustment emails, handling complaints, etc.?
Before uploading to the member page, it is a secret in the name of contact that individually recommends according to your preferences.
The setting is decided, and on the day of the date, I am the most excited.


QXNUMX. Respect/favorite/recommended staff and reasons
Even before I joined the company, my work history was interesting.
I'm jealous of the literary talent and character.
Mine, the poisonous mushroom of the Osaka branch.


QXNUMX. Recent troubles
I am borrowing and lending money.
It seems that he disappeared with his appearance without coming back.
Even my relatives say that I should stop lending and borrowing money, so I'm afraid of money.


QXNUMX. What made you happy recently?
Young staff in their early 20s have joined the company nationwide, and the average age has been lowered.
The honest and hard working attitude is inspiring even for me who doesn't think of myself as an old man.
Personally, I'm back with Prison Break Season 5!
and Linkin Park to come to Japan in November!
It is.


QXNUMX. Staff to be entrusted next and the reason
I think his sense of surreal laughter is outstanding.
Mr. Seki, also known as Sekirhythm of the Fukuoka branch


QXNUMX. Future ambitions within Universe Club
The encounter at the Universe Club will be made into a live-action movie, and Matsuzaka will appear in the staff roll.
Like nori, naruto, and other toppings that are bland and inconspicuous.

Shunichi Matsuzaka


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  1. Mr. Matsuzaka You have surpassed the high hurdle set by sat1 by about 10 cm.I wonder if this 10 cm has extra power.It is difficult to understand.

  2. sat1 Thank you for setting the hurdles. 10 cm is also nice!I feel like I was able to save face at the last minute, but there is no menboku.Now, before the noodles get too long, I will pass the baton to the next one.

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