I decided to start on my own!


I am always grateful for your help!


This is Teratsuji from Universe Hiroshima.


I just pinned!I had an epiphany.It's super annoying.


I, those who read this blog,
I wonder if I'm thinking that I'm writing the same guy all the time.
Teratsuji again.


Excuse me at Teratsuji.


So, let's do the blog baton that was popular a while ago,
I had an epiphany just now and declared it here on my own accord!
I don't know anyone but our staff, Kitamura and Asami Nishijima from Hiroshima. (I was just discussing it)
The rules are simple.
I will continue to do the Q&A below until all Universe Club staff members have passed.Probably less than a year for everyone.
It doesn't matter if it's the president, staff, accounting or production.
If you don't do it within XNUMX days when it comes around, it will be dried.


How about that?everyone.
Are you power harassment?
What are the staff members who I don't usually see their faces thinking about every day?
what usually happens
If this is super interesting, make it into a book...president!royalty!


There isn't.


Well, it's a sight to see who will shake to the president.
I'm stepping on that staff to wield to the president.
If you win, please bring someone to eat.
I think that it will be a long-term project (if you don't stop in the middle), but I would appreciate it if you could join us.
Let's start off by saying...
■Name… Mayu Teratsuji
■Branch name…Nagoya branch, currently on a long-term business trip due to the launch of the Hiroshima branch
How long have you been with the company? It's been about 1170 years and XNUMX months. Today is the XNUMXth day.


QXNUMX. What kind of woman was the woman you interviewed most recently?
She is from Nagoya and is very nice!She is slender, has a good smile, has a good personality, and is very charming.I am a woman who thinks that I can recommend it with confidence!If you are interested, please contact Nagoya!
If you could mention the woman that Teratsuji mentioned in his blog, I'm sure the Nagoya staff would know right away.Thank you for coming~~ It's the best.


QXNUMX. Who is your favorite male member?
i love you all lol
If I may say so, it is a kind-hearted male member who reads all of my blogs!
And those who give souvenirs and sweets...
I am always grateful for your help!
Teratsuji is doing well!


QXNUMX. What is your favorite job such as interviewing men, interviewing women, setting adjustment emails, handling complaints, etc.?
Definitely a male interview!
I love the moment when I make a presentation to people who are considering joining a dating club for the first time and make a decision.
I am always grateful for your help!
I want to go back and say hello to everyone I couldn't meet at the interview!
QXNUMX. Respect/favorite/recommended staff and reasons
I've loved Mr. Takeuchi from the Osaka branch ever since I joined the company.
I want a junior who is very studious, cute and aggressive!Please come to Nagoya!I tell the staff in Nagoya like every week lol
There are many others.
But basically I like the staff who call me Teratsuji-san lol
We have a lot of respected staff.


QXNUMX. Recent troubles
Since I am in Hiroshima, I have yet to encounter any trouble.
In short, the hose of the washing machine in the office loosened and water spouted out.I was impatient.
In Nagoya, there have been a few cases where transportation expenses were not handed over, but there have been no oversized troubles recently!


QXNUMX. What made you happy recently?


Asami: "Thank you for calling!This is Universe Hiroshima Asami! Mr. M! 』
M-sama: "Mr. Teratsuji is there? 』
Asami: "I'm here..." Mr. Teratsuji... on the phone...


When this exchange happened three times a day!smile


QXNUMX. Staff to be entrusted next and the reason
Mr. Shichijo, the flower garden at the Osaka branch
Reason: I keep getting told that I'm on bad terms with Shichijo-san.I haven't been involved in it recently, so I'll entrust it to Shichijo-san.


QXNUMX. Future ambitions within Universe Club


Royalties life!
I'm half joking, I wish I could get another position.
But before that, I want to establish the Hiroshima branch and double the sales in Nagoya.
Thank you for staying with us for so long.

Mayu Teratsuji

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