[Tokyo] Overwhelming all-power harassment

I'm Ito, a new member of CustomerSuccessGroup Tokyo Unit.

Last blogCampaign silly!Time passed and I regained my composure.
Leaving aside the joke that at that time the staff all over the country were turned against them and beaten up
This time, it is a positive blog that is rare for Ito.

Starting in April, a few fresh graduates will join the Tokyo head office.


Now, how should we train?
By the way,

Studying and working are both spirit, guts and effort
That's what I think.

When you have acute appendicitis, your stomach hurts because you have a hangover.
At the time of acute gastroenteritis, this nausea is a hangover

Self-brainwashing and fighting spirit to tell yourself is important.

in terms of work

It's not that I can't do it, I'll do it!

I can do it, why can't you?
Did you research thoroughly before you found out?


Overwhelming all-power harassment no matter who sees it

It is a power harassment samurai recognized by 100 million people out of 1 million.

I'll leave it to your imagination that there was no time when I actually did that kind of new employee training.

Do you know
Participated in the previous M-1 Grand PrixPekopaA comedy combination called.

Don't deny it, don't criticize and become a hot topic for a moment
That comedy duo that had a small but strong influence on negative and negative people like mePekopa.
If you don't know, please take a look at the story.

Nationwide Dating Club Staff Narrowness and Shortness Ranking
Ito, who is inducted into the Hall of Fame in
Or something has changed, maybe a mother's heart was born.

Stop asking for what you can't do

Let's stop blaming someone
If you don't know let me know
Say you can't do what you can't do

Natural pecopa.

Don't deny, don't criticize, accept individuality.


There is no such thing as not paying attention to anything.
When I get angry, I get angry, which means I'm changing from what I used to be.

picture?Ito-san, you were angry yesterday, weren't you...?The sales staff there
Because I think that it is someone else's problem to accept that I was angry.
It's not the end when you receive a warning or indication, it's important to make use of it next time.

The Universe Club is also undergoing reforms aiming at a better system for both members and the company.
As you can see in Osaka Fukunaga's blog, we are currently on a super early/super late shift trial for 20 hours.

Regardless of what was positive about this blog, I think I was able to avoid (no matter what anyone said) anything that a new employee would read and be horrified by.relieved

What did you want to say after all?I'm in trouble if you say
AboveNew Year GreetingsI will.
Thank you for your continued support of the Universe Club this year.
Thank you to our members and employees.

CustomerSuccessGroup Tokyo Unit Rookie Nozomi Ito

Author of this article

I will continue to be a rookie Ito. talk to this staff

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