first autumn

Mornings and evenings have become cool and comfortable.
I love the scent of fragrant rhinoceros!
Ladies and gentlemen, are you feeling well? (>_<)

It's almost autumn, isn't it? !Why don't you fall in love? ? ♪

Without further ado, let me introduce you to the universe of beautiful women who would be in trouble if you let your guard down and introduce yourself too late.↓

keep going

Already a little

further! !

gradually. .

Thank you very much for seeing it.
Detailed information for all women will be introduced on the member page.

As a recent trend among women,
Their intentions are clear!
I think.

The other day, she is very well-educated, neat and clean, and her style and looks are outstanding. .
He responded well and was very considerate to both the club and the men, and I had a lot of trust in him. .

In conclusion, you graduated, but what was the main reason for leaving? .
The price you get is not clear!It was like saying.

What is compensation? !


In love there is a price,
Marriage may be an exchange of consideration.


relationship that seeks compensation
Compensation = face, appearance preference, smile, response, personality, sense of conversation
It is a dating club that can be solved with money to some extent.


You can reduce all the risks from thinking it's good to developing into a relationship.


In addition, set the ideal partner in more detail
Place of residence, blood type, zodiac sign, alcohol consumption, occupation, smoking, English ability, hobbies, special skills, schedule, meal genre, place preference, NG designation
Impressions from the interview. .Keywords can be checked. .



It's not all about the things that are overflowing in the world and the things that can be black and white.Especially when it comes to love.
You can't just choose between sweet and dry wines, but if that's the only choice, it's probably a shock to someone who knows how to taste it. .
I believe that the heart is such an indivisible thing.
Mamiya: It was a little Uji Uji-chan.


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2 Replies to “Autumn Ichiban”

  1. If you look up consideration in a dictionary, it is defined as ``property benefits received in return for providing property, labor, etc., to others''.Spiritual things (yes, yes) can also be assets, so that may be a consideration, but I'm not talking about spiritual things here, just the amount of money you receive. Doesn't it mean that it's less than what you thought it would be (not commensurate with the amount of effort you put into it, etc.)? ′′ own will ′′ it is money in the end.I think that we should keep in mind that today's women are far more realistic than thinking naive things such as the world's money is not the only thing.

  2. It will make you think deeply about the consideration!I would like to keep in mind that living a life can be unrefined and narrow the gap between men's thoughts and women's goals.Thank you for your comment.

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