[Sapporo] 2016 Autumn Fest now being held!

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My name is Ishii, the closer of Universe.

The hot summer is over and fall is here!
When you think of autumn in Hokkaido, this is the place you should not forget!

[Sapporo Autumn Fest 2016]
The fanboy Ishii immediately leaves Kurano behind and joins the Autumn Fest.
First of all, carefully check the location and dishes that are open, and go to the store with the fastest course!
I arrived at the store without fail and ordered the beef tongue I wanted to eat, but...
It was sold out. . .
This is Ishii, who has a tendency to go during the busiest hours of the day.

However, the women who come to Universe Sapporo have no omissions!

She is confident in her beautiful legs and always manages herself so that others can see her.
Her catchphrase is from Hokkaido ●●●

Kickboxing and golf, which I started for my health, became a professional grade before I knew it! ?
Her catchphrase is from Hokkaido ●●●

Autumn is almost over and the season is winter, but Autumn Fest will also be held in Universe Sapporo.
The heat has not cooled down yet!
Before it gets cold, let's take a break at Universe Sapporo and enjoy dad activities (*^^*)


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