This is Oidon from the Sendai branch!


thank you always. I'm Oshiro, also known as "Oidon"!

Please ask the Tokyo staff about the origin (・∀・)


The other day, representative Kida issued an order (((( ;゚д゚)))
One of the Sendai staff has retired, so please go help.
Of course, without hesitation, I answered with two answers, "Yes!"


That being said, I've had a hard time deciding what to say to my wife. .
First of all, let's put in a light jab, saying, "Maybe I'll go on a business trip to a rural area."
When I told him about it, he gave me a different answer, saying, "That's good, do your best!"
I was relieved that it was full of lightness (´・ω・`)


In this way, we made our debut in Sendai safely! (* ̄∇ ̄*)Ehehe

Previously, when I went to the Yokohama branch for help, Mr. Otsuka said,
I was sick and had a day off, and on the first day I debuted alone.
I am grateful to Mr. Otsuka for kindly teaching me how to enter the office even though I was sick (●´ω`●)


This time, Ms. Shimomo was present on the first day of the Sendai branch, but she already had a fever and was unwell.
It seemed to get worse, so I was absent the next day.


Maybe it's caused by Oshiro bacteria, also known as "Oidon". . . (No д.) Gusun


Now I want to pull the curtains off ('A`|||)


Well, putting that aside, first of all, I wanted to get to know Sendai women.
I kept asking for reshoots!Everyone, quick response!
Even in the rain, she didn't make a bad face.。゚+.(・∀・)゚+.゚

I want to do my best to somehow set it up!

Dear members, even if you don't have to travel to Sendai, it's worth coming to see Sendai women!
There are still many people who have not dated yet!
Oshiro will be responsible for the excavation work, so we are waiting for your offer (*´▽`*)

Sendai is synonymous with beef tongue, but I haven't even eaten a bite yet.゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。Wow!

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