This should save you from being a salary thief

I am always grateful for your help!

I'm Teratsuji, in charge of Universe Nagoya.

Two interviews were canceled today, so
I have a little time to spare

I'm happy to say that I have a lot of appointments for interviews tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.
I'm looking forward to meeting as many women as possible♪

was completed the other dayPresented by Universe Club column site,
Have you seen it yet?

Takita's naked sex column,
Super useful column like Mamiya and Toritani's method

I was late, Teratsuji...
What should I write... I can't think of anything at all lol

But if I didn't write it soon, I would be called a salary thief, so I just wanted to say a few words.super safe articleIt's up! !

I hope we can talk about dating clubs in the future.

How about going to Tsuzuki after writing?If you look at it,

Thats nice~

I want to read Mayu Teratsuji's article~


Then, Tsuzuki, who learned how to put people on board, said, "Seriously?"
Please call me Yoisho man from Nagoya
i will do a good job

I think that staff from all over the country will continue to transmit as writers,
I don't think I'll be able to write it out easily, so please encourage the writers at the nearest branch.

Thank you very much m(__)m

Mayu Teratsuji

Author of this article

A concierge who can go to the meeting (let me go to the meeting) to deliver a real voice

2 Replies to “This should save you from being a paycheck thief”

  1. Mr. Teratsuji It's a very safe article that really doesn't seem like it.I can understand the power relationship between Mr. Tsuzuki and Mr. Teratsuji who can do this.Aren't you usually power harassing me?Well, let's hope for the future.I saw the column for the first time, but there are some interesting articles.I'm looking forward to other articles in the future (I'm also looking forward to Mr. Tsuzuki's column "Responding to power harassment in the workplace and good practices").I'm glad to hear that you were able to do a column today.Thank you for giving me the opportunity to see it.

  2. sat1 Thank you as always!Excuse me, I wonder if the staff has quit recently and are tired... Please forgive the boring article m(__)m Tsuzuki's power harassment... It's dangerous, I'll be fired. .Be careful m(__)m I hope you will be able to see it again, so thank you!

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