[Customer's voice to Teratsuji] Thank you for your nomination!

I am always grateful for your help!

Oh, I haven't been writing a blog lately... I thought, and when I looked back,
I'm Teratsuji, who is in charge of Universe Nagoya.

It felt like I was slacking off for about two weeks.
I think making it a habit is a good thing.for anything.

If you look at the popular article ranking of the blog,
It seems that everyone is very interested in the article about dating feedback from members called [Customer's voice].

I see.
Certainly, even if I go to a new shop, I check the reviews of the shop,
I think there are many people who think that the story of human psychology's actual experience is very interesting and helpful.

So I borrowed the title because I thought it might be possible to see it if I did it this way.
I'm sorry for those who thought it was!Tehepero
Please stay with us till the end!

By the way, recently in Nagoya, we have set up a concierge system for regular members,
I have been contacting you with this information.

I have received many responses from you,
Among them, there are very happy words...

Can I brag for a moment?smile

I have permission to post!

“There are other clubs in Nagoya, but the reason why I decided to interview Universe was because I read Mr. Teratsuji's blog and thought that if someone like him was in charge, I could feel at ease.
Then, I actually met him at an interview, trusted his personality, and joined.
I feel like I joined the Universe Club, or rather, I joined the Teratsuji Club. ”

I was at Teratsuji Club!
This made me really happy.
Well...I'm happy.I honestly held back my tears.

“Since you understand my tastes in subtle ways, I would like Mr. Teratsuji.”
"Mr. Teratsuji, please. Somehow (^^)"

I'm happy to see others like this.
It's all good, isn't it?
It means that the feeling is right, isn't it? (isn't it? lol)

I went to a male interview today.

I received an inquiry for an interview, and Imai was communicating until the interview.
Leave it to Imai! !So I took over and went there.
(I'm joking, it's a balance between my commute time)

Then, about two years ago, he knew about the existence of the club,
However, it was a man who could not go easily and came today.

"I thought that Imai-san would come because he was the one I was talking to."

"I'm sorry, it's me..."

"No, I really wanted to meet Mr. Teratsuji after reading your blog, but Mr. Imai thought it was bad! But Mr. Teratsuji, I'm glad you came~"

and! !

happy! !

It was really nice to write blogs once in a while!

By the way, I was once told that Mr. Teratsuji really exists.
I exist.

So, it sounds a bit unpleasant if I say it a little too loudly,
For those who wanted to meet Teratsuji after learning about him through his blog,
It happens occasionally to both men and women.


I'm really happy because
Let's go and try it out somehow.Let's go see Teratsuji.
That's what you thought

Please call me by nominating Teratsuji!smile

I'm so happy,
Recently, Imai and Tsuzuki seem to have stolen many things, so I would like to talk more.

By the way, I would like to talk internally,
It's almost time for my company to assess a raise, so
I would be happy if you could give me a little Teratsuji good news for the representative.
It's no exaggeration to say that it depends on everyone's efforts.
But please don't tell me I said this.

It's getting warmer little by little,
Recently, the number of registered girls has increased, so
I would like to make it more and more exciting from now on!

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Teratsuji Mayu

Author of this article

A concierge who can go to the meeting (let me go to the meeting) to deliver a real voice

2 Replies to “[Customer's voice to Teratsuji] Thank you for your nomination!”

  1. Is the customer's voice popular? I didn't pay much attention to sat1.I skipped reading this blog because I thought it was a customer's voice.There are few people with impressions, and many people who write are feeling sloppy.After all, I can't write everything because I think everyone will read it.I've written sat1 several times, but I wrote it in a way that doesn't bother me.Mr. Teratsuji, the representative, is working hard, so please give him a raise.

  2. sat1 Thank you for your comment!That's right... I'm glad you brought it back after being blown away!It's true that there are many opinions that feel like it's not a big deal to publish, but I feel that there are still many people who are interested!I would like to stop borrowing the title so as not to be skipped lol Thank you for the salary!I hope you can tell...

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