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Yokohama one day

Shihoyama story.

Matsuzaka "I did it~'

Otsuka: "What happened?"

Matsuzaka "I bought the usual coffee from the vending machine I always buy... but it's already cold.'

Otsuka "I noticed before I bought it and went to another vending machine.'

Matsuzaka "...I did not notice.It's still cold, but it's cold, but it's fast to change. . ”

Otsuka: Certainly. But it's almost April, isn't it?

I felt the change of season in my conversation with Matsuzaka.

Before I knew it, coffee had changed from "warm" to "cold", and it's already spring.

Meanwhile, representatives of spring, women who came to the interview despite hay fever...

32-year-old multi-hobbies and friendly ex-secretary
Otsuka tends to blur when taking pictures of valleys, but this time it was fine♪



28 year old manicurist

I had the impression that he was a hard worker working hard towards his dreams.987204
Is it because it's a beauty job that the skin is so beautiful?
My favorite food is healthy food.

I feel that there are a lot of women who say "I like meat" when it comes to their favorite foods.
If you always eat meat all the time, you'll get fat, so everyone seems to be careful about that.

I'm thinking of following Otsuka's example and having my favorite yakiniku about once a month...


Asami OtsukaUo・E・oU

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