[Osaka] There is no such thing as "absolute" in this world...

If First Secretary Kim Jong-un appeared in RIZAP's commercial, the reaction would be enough to turn the world upside down...

Worst case, Kim Jong-nam would be fine...
I'm idly thinking about what I'm doing at a meal ticket-only restaurant where the sound of the koto from Shizuka Kudo's "Kosa ni Blowing" plays.
This is Mine from Universe Osaka.


Until the other day, Mr. Teratsuji from Nagoya came to Osaka to teach me various things.
This time, Mr. Yamauchi, a Sapporo staff member, came for training.


The souvenir is "Jaga Pokkuru".


This is something you can't buy online, like "Shiroi Koibito" and "Butter Sandwich".
A representative souvenir of Hokkaido!
Even though it's a Calbee product, the fact that you can't buy it online also adds value!


Mr. Takeuchi, a newcomer, said something like water to me, who danced wildly with joy when I saw potato pokkuru.
“Is Jaga Pokkuru the same as Jaga Bee?”


If you would like to explain a little to male members who don't eat cheap sweets, Jagabee can be found at any convenience store nationwide.
It's a normal snack that you can buy.However, the shape is certainly the same as "Jaga Pokkuru".


I was blown away by the newcomer Takeuchi's words.
"No, no! Jagabee and Jagapokkuru are two different things! You can't tell the difference!
I'm still a child... I definitely understand!absolutely! ", and
Takeuchi didn't say anything, "Then I'll bring you a Jagabee, so please compare the tastes and guess!"


Mine: "It's about to happen! If you can't tell the difference, you have no sense of taste!"


Takeuchi: “I told you so!


and in the final battle.
Sanada acted as a judge, and besides me, Shichijo and Nakatani also participated.
"Jagabee" and "Jaga Pokkuru" are placed in front of you and you're ready to eat!


Enema-style Goromaru pose enhances concentration and tastes each...


There's a battle here that you can't lose!


The answer I chose was divided into two by myself and the other two people, and I was nervous about answering.


As soon as I heard the answer, my eyes turned white.
I put my whole body on Takeuchi's knees and made it by hand,
I received the notorious name of "tongue fool".


I will never eat Jaga Pokkuru again!
NO! MORE!Potato Pokkuru!


Yamauchi-kun, who was watching the situation...
"It's kind of sad when you say that the souvenirs you bought are the same as the sweets from the convenience store..."
The fact that he was muttering a little bit also touched my heart….


I want to tell all the male members!
There is no "absolute" in this world!
In other words, you can dream and there is also a possibility!
The reverse is also true, but...


From Sanada and all the Osaka staff on his birthday the other day
I was given a nice hairbrush and honey.
I will treasure it for the rest of my life!


Universe Osaka

Masateru Mine

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