Marriage is too heavy, so I want to recommend papa katsu. .


Payday days and girls days are grumpy. .
No, it's Enma Mamiya from Universe Club who is always unfriendly.

I...the other day, I had a lot of empathy.

I want to see it sometimescrayonThis is Nene-chan who appears in Noshin-chan.
Nene-chan is a cute girl who has a desire to get married and is played with a real house.

But the men surrounding her are too pathetic
I thought it would be very difficult to choose between them.

A mother's boy with a little pride, a crybaby with a shaved head, a child who is absent-minded,
And Shin-chan. .

Ah... Nene-chan has passed her growth period and has become a college student. !
I was thinking of such a meddlesome delusion. .

And I have a report!
Even for me, who should be the head of the promotion of the best dad activity in the world!
Finally, Daddy!not.
I got a boyfriend!

Like Nagoya doing various thingsI got a boyfriend campaign
I was thinking of doing it, but I won't!smile

This month iswhite day campaignI did it
The immediate salary is more important than the campaign
I'm sure no one will support my love. .
Sorry for the pointless report.

We will keep this a secret even within the company. 

Please look forward to the next campaign!

Dating club "Universe Club" nationwidei want a daddy more than a boyfriendWe are looking for female members.
Membership registration is free, but interviews and screenings are required.
For details, please contact the local concierge

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2 Replies to “I'm too worried about getting married, so I want to recommend dad activities.”

  1. Mamiya-san, I don't know what you're trying to do (perhaps you're holding back from others?), but congratulations.Let's be honest with everyone.Of course, I will not hesitate to laugh when the ending is unhappy.You're always laughing at sat1's misfortune, right?When it develops into something more auspicious, of course I will celebrate it, so please look forward to it.Because it seems to be a secret within the company?I will keep quiet for now. As sat1, I'm looking forward to seeing how happy Mamiya's concierge activities will change.

  2. <1. Dear sat1, Thank you for your warm comment (;∀;) I love misfortune stories, but I'm not laughing. .I can't afford that. .I would like you to watch over my growth as a concierge and as a person so that I can make a good report again♪

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