[Disadvantages of transfer]

We become indebted to.
Thankfully, this is Kamiya, who is pleased to receive many campaign-related messages.From tomorrow, I'm looking forward to it.


I woke up today with some very shocking news.
I can't help but touch it, so I'll write a little.
The symbol of Okinawa [Shuri Castle] was destroyed by fire.


Sense of loss. .
Watching the news in the morning brings tears to my eyes. .
I thought it was just Kamiya, but it seems that all my friends were slowly coming.


Is this the feeling of loss that "someone is gone"?
I force myself to hit it, but
Dad activity fills the sense of loss that "someone is gone".I wonder if
When you're done, you have:
I want to see Shuri Castle again.
I'm still a little shocked.I want you to restore it as soon as possible.


(*Photo: This is a cafe in Onna Village called Doka Doka. The sea and forest will heal you.)






It's a campaign that will be held from tomorrow, but I'm going to ask you a lot of questions.

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What is the [disadvantage of moving]?

Well... I'll just tell you the benefits,
You didn't write a single downside. (perhaps)


Let me answer.



The biggest is


(XNUMX) A staff member who was not interviewed answers the female information
All correspondence after the transfer will be handled by the transfer destination branch.
If there seems to be a lot of use at other branches, the staff at the transfer destination, not the staff who interviewed, will answer by looking at the "memo at the time of the interview" regarding the details of the woman.
I think that "I can't answer with the sense of meeting" is a disadvantage for men who value information about women.
That said, even at a branch, only one staff member interviews, so I think it's no exaggeration to say that the situation would be the same without that staff member.
We have a system that allows you to share information in the same way at all branches nationwide, such as date feedback status.


② No transfer for one year
It is not possible to transfer to another branch for one year after the transfer.


③Men's profile is "Transfer destination branch"
When the profile of a man is published, the display of the registered branch will be "Transfer destination branch".
Here, some people say, "I live in Tokyo, but it would be nice if it was displayed in Okinawa. I don't think so.
But in the future, you may be able to change it with "display branch".


④ Even if you are called by the interview service, you may not be able to go there
I don't know if the staff at the transfer destination will be able to ask for the interview concierge service, which is a privilege for Black members. (I think it will be a matter of consultation.)



⑤ Worst if you don't get along with the staff at the transfer destination


It is a feeling.
Probably about this.
It will be a disadvantage for those who value the last one.
Or maybe it's the biggest advantage.


Oh, it's not a drawback, but...
"There might be something in Hiroshima in February."Asami said,
I wanted to do that.Oh my God, there may be something!


See you soon,,,
We are waiting for your application tomorrow!


Universe Club
Okinawa branch
Kii Kamiya


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2 Replies to “[Disadvantages of Transfer]”

  1. Kamiya

    First of all, I would like to offer my condolences on the Shurijo Castle fire.

    From what I've seen on your blog, I don't think you and Kamiya-san are on the same wavelength, so I don't think there will be a move to Okinawa.
    ① is certain.Even if I say something in Tokyo or something like that, the interviewee just happens to be by my side.If you're from Okinawa, you'll probably have contact with women even if it's not an interview with Mr. Kamiya.However, it may not be relevant to a confident man who applies directly from the site without worrying about the interviewer's opinion because he chooses mostly from photos and videos.
    I said that the advantage of ③ is that the branch knows men's preferences, so they can comment and recommend accordingly, but I guess it depends on the compatibility between the members of ⑤ and the concierge. After three exchanges, it seems that the compatibility will be clear, but the one-year transfer ban in ② is a problem.In the important notice for male members, it was 3 months, but does that mean that the transfer in November for the purpose of redeeming points will not be possible for 1 year?
    That's why, as sat1, who frequently asks interviewers about women and makes offers, the previous method was better, but well, it's good to try various things, so what kind of reputation will it have? Let's see for a moment.
    When I calmly look at events that might happen in February in Hiroshima every year, Nagoya seems to be the best deal, but Mr. Teratsuji is on vacation this year, so I don't know what will happen.

    1. sat1
      thank you for your comment.
      Thank you for letting us know about the Shurijo Castle fire.

      Sat1 and Kamiya don't seem to be on the same wavelength!Thank you for telling me so clearly!
      (XNUMX) is as you said, and the number of people who can answer that they are women in their own branch varies considerably.Hi, if you're a straight don-shaped man, I wouldn't mind at all.Faster than that!Accuracy!I think there are many people. . .
      Regarding ③, I may have been short on words, so I'm sorry. It means that there will be fewer opportunities to get "It's nice" from "Female → Male" instead of "Club → Male" female recommendation or recommendation.When a woman searches a man's profile, it will be displayed for each registered branch.Male members of Okinawa who live in Tokyo will be displayed as "Okinawa", so there is a concern that if you can't get [It's nice] from females in "Tokyo"...it doesn't make sense...
      ⑤ You are right.I will do my best as usual.
      ② I am very sorry for the misinformation as it was 3 months in the notification.Officially, transfers in November for the purpose of returning points will not be allowed to transfer to other branches for one year.

      When I calmly look at it every year, I feel like I understand Nagoya.
      We are also waiting for your straight opinion ^ ^


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