I'm Murase, a newcomer from the Nagoya branch.

Nice to meet you.

My name is Waka Murase, and I joined the company in September this year.
It's the season when the warmth of the toilet seat touches your heart, but how are you doing?

I'm not very good at things that leave traces of myself, such as photos and SNS, so I've lived avoiding them as much as possible.
So, updating the company's blog is scary and scary, so I write the blog carefully, typing and deleting.

I'm going to say a lot about myself as a greeting, but please forgive me for this time only.

Two months have passed since I joined the company.
Somehow, I feel like I've been here for years, and I enjoy working every day.
I would like to keep trying new things while not taking this environment for granted and making sure that I don't get used to it in a bad direction.

Before I joined the company, I did a lot of research on Universe Club (I'm not an internet stalker),
After I joined the company, I was not surprised about the content of the work.
It's the first time I've ever been in an environment where there are no evil people at work, so I wonder if it's okay to live in such a peaceful way.

Sakurai, like a boy who does what I changed after being scolded by my parents with a cool face.
Not Totsuki Arata, Tsuzuki Shin Tsuzuki,
Hasumi, who only Murase thinks unilaterally, "We get along well."
I am truly grateful that I can enjoy working with Arai, who forgets his wallet from the first day of joining the company, and Matsuzaka, who is only available for a limited time.

My previous job was in a mediocre service industry, and before that I was in a special clerical job, and I am currently in my third company.
I have no intention of changing jobs any more,
I think that when I quit this company = when I disappear from human society,
Thank you for your continued support!

Waka Murase

Author of this article