I'm going to see you

I am always grateful for your help!
I am Teratsuji, in charge of Universe Nagoya.

2014 is just one day and six hours away.
I was assigned to Universe Nagoya this year and was able to meet many people.

3 days last weekend
Staff from all over the country gathered in Tokyo for year-end parties and meetings.

The number of staff increased even more than when we gathered in the summer,
I didn't expect to be able to open up to the Yokohama branch in the new year.
This is also thanks to the members.
Thank you very much.

At the meeting, the staff introduced themselves and this year's review meeting,
I felt that the time to discuss what I want to do in the future was very meaningful.
Next year, we are determined to deliver an even more fulfilling universe for our members.
I'll do my best!

By the way, the next day after returning from a business trip to Tokyo,
Shichijo in Osaka got the flu.

the next day,
Uchida in Tokyo, who said he was not feeling well, got the flu.

and today,
Hitoshi in Sapporo is 38℃,
Suzuki in Sendai has a fever of 38.5°C.
Matsuoka in Sapporo is sick with vomiting and diarrhea. .

Universe Pandemic…(((( ゚Д゚)))) Gag Gag Buru Buru (by Higashi @ Osaka)

By the way, Nagoya Teratsuji & Serizawa have no problem at all.
Rather, I'm hungry right now~ What are you going to eat today?I had a blast talking about it.

Influenza and colds are prevalent,
Everyone please take good care of your physical condition! !

I have had the opportunity to speak with many of you this year.
I felt that it was important to actually meet him and hear his voice,
You can also have a fun and meaningful time.

Next year I will go to meet many members without saying hello!
I would be happy if you could stop by Teratsuji for about 30 minutes before the date, drinking coffee.

Female members are also welcome to come to the office at any time.
I'm also re-shooting, and I'd like to hear a recent report.

of course!
We would love to meet more new members! !

Thank you very much for your hard work in the year.
Next year, Nagoya branch office, Serizawa and I intend to make it even more exciting, so
Thank you for your interest in Universe Club and the Nagoya branch office.

Mayu Teratsuji

Dating club "Universe Club" is recruiting male and female members all over the country.
Membership registration is free, but interviews and screenings are required.
For details, please contact the local concierge

★[Sapporo] 0120-957-072Sendai] 0120-954-648
★[Tokyo] 0120-675-858 [Yokohama] Under preparation
★[Nagoya] 0120-935-719Osaka] 0120-220-419
★[Fukuoka] 0120-062-979International] 0120-978-649
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★ [OfficialHP

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