We will revive the members-only bulletin board

Dear members,

Thank you for all your continued patronage.
This is Kida, the representative.
As the subject says, I would like to reopen the members-only bulletin board with rules.
*This article was posted on July 2017, 7


●Purpose of reopening the bulletin board
In the last bulletin board, while there was a lot to be gained from the frank remarks, there were also parts that disillusioned the viewers.
In addition, anonymous discussions without knowing who was speaking and who was reading was disadvantageous to the organizers who gave their names.Anonymous people evacuated the club and the club made excuses.
● Rules
Therefore, in the new bulletin board, we will set the following rules
・I will confirm that I am a member at the time of participation.
・Discuss how to make the structure of the Universe Club more suitable for the times, new and free from deception.Personal attacks are prohibited
・It is prohibited to leak the contents written on the bulletin board to the outside.
・Even if you criticize the club on the bulletin board, it will never affect the operation service (the staff will not disclose the link between the pseudonym and the member ID).
・Please post with the pseudonym you decided at the beginning.
・All participants must introduce themselves.
・The login password is changed periodically.
・This is not a privilege option for members.We believe that it is a project to exchange opinions between the management side and the user side in order to make the dating club industry cleaner and safer to use.However, we will refuse participation of those who want to see the contents of the exchange (including employees).
・The bulletin board will continue to operate from the unisex bulletin board that was used before.
・This bulletin board is subject to change or termination without notice.

● Participation conditions

XNUMX Only male and female members and staff who are registered with Universe Club and who are deemed appropriate by Kida.
   (We cannot inform you of the judgment criteria.)

XNUMX. When participating, please introduce yourself briefly, and posting under a disguised name other than a pseudonym is prohibited.
・ Pen name
・Registration class
・Enrollment date
・Annual average number of times of use
(This is to clarify what kind of people are reading and what kind of community it is, regardless of whether they post or not)

XNUMX Regardless of the content of the discussion, Kida will be entrusted with the management policy of the bulletin board.

● Participation procedure
If you would like to participate, please follow the steps below.

①Please send an email to bbs1@universe-club.jp (it will be forwarded to Kida and Aso)
Membership number,
Pseudonyms on bulletin boards,
Please also include
(Please use the email address you used when you registered as a member)

② The club will make a judgment, and only those who are judged to be appropriate will be sent a password guidance email.

I'm sorry that the above has become a notice from a fairly high-level perspective.
Universe Club urgently needs to improve the quality of its services.
I would appreciate it if you could help me.

Satoshi Kida

Author of this article

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