I'll tell you the secret password...! ✨

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My name is Chino from the Ikebukuro branch.


One and a half years since I joined...
This is my first time writing a staff blog! (| ._.)|


Usually, when you are active in the club,

"I'm glad I met the woman who wrote in the comment that she recommended this staff member..."

"This staff and I share my sensibilities! I want to hear more recommendations from this staff!"

Have you ever thought that...! ?


I've thought about it!For those who say so and those who don't, this time...
You can easily find women highly recommended by our staff!Can be used on member sites!

secret search keywordI will teach you! ✨
*Limited to Ikebukuro staff...🍃

☟Keywords of Shota Maki
"Maki's approval"

☟Naoki Hatta's keywords
"Taste of Hatta"

☟Keywords of Yui Amamoto
"Amamoto favoritism group"

☟Waka Kayano’s keywords
"Chino wiki"

☟Yuri Miura's keywords
"Miura Innappu"


Please enter this into the free word search field on the membership site.
When you press the search button...the highly recommended woman in charge of that staff member will appear!

There are many other staff members who use these search keywords, so please feel free to search for them ✨


We look forward to working with you in the future!

Author of this article

My name is Kayano, the coordinator!I love soba!We will do our best to deliver wonderful encounters to everyone!