Is this Japan? ? ?

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I am Mio Katayama from the Kyoto branch.

The weather has become much more pleasant (*_ _)

Kyoto is already visited by many foreigners and domestic travelers, and they wonder if this is Japan?I sometimes think that (^▽^;)
On weekends, the Shinkansen ticket gates are already overflowing with people...

It's been about 4 months since we moved to the Kyoto branch, and we were able to take photos of it as it has a completely different atmosphere than the previous office (*'▽')

The sun is setting earlier and it's getting dark around 17:00pm...!
It is definitely best to take photos using natural light.

It's going to be great! ! !

The Kyoto branch usually has female staff taking photos, so don't worry if you think that male staff are not good at it (^^)

It's becoming easier to spend time outside, so I'm also taking photos outside <(_ _)>

By the way, this photo was taken outside.

3% more, no, more than that
It's going to be great! ! ! !

You can take photos in a Kyoto-like atmosphere (*^^*)

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