I saw Eimi Fukada undressing💕

We become indebted to.
This is Waji from Marketingunit.

As the title says, the other day I watched Eimi Fukada's undressing."work"I have seen it as!
*As a “work”

Why was I able to see that scene?
A member of the Universe Group,CARNIVAL TOKYO'
Because I am involved in the marketing of!

picture?Is there any relationship between the show pub “CARNIVAL TOKYO” and “Eimi Fukada”?That's what I thought, you

that is. . .

There is!

Actually, Eimi Fukada went to "CARNIVAL TOKYO" the other day.Special attendanceDid!

The work video is by Eimi Fukada.YoutubeYou can watch it at.

This time, I will show you what happens behind the scenes when you go to work.Fukada え い みI would like to talk about Mr.

I had been standing by at the CARNIVAL TOKYO store even before Eimi Fukada arrived, and I was wondering, "When will Eimi Fukada come? She's scheduled to arrive in a few minutes, but I wonder if she'll come soon." I was looking forward to it.

Suddenly, the store door opened and Eimi Fukada, who I had worked with several times along with the manager, was right in front of me!

The same Eimi Fukada that I had seen many times on screen was reigning in front of me.

Here's some trivia.
What will happen to men if they see Eimi Fukada in the flesh?

The answer is···

Once you get past the excitement, it's time for the sage!

There were many men, including myself and the guests on the day, who were in sage time.
Eimi Fukada had such charm.

And, "Eimi Fukada" who is exploding with charm and "CARNIVAL TOKYO"Excellent compatibilitySo, on that day, even I, who was there as a temporary staff member, forgot about my job and was captivated by the incredible enthusiasm and charming dancing.

I would like everyone to experience this excitement, so I would like to share with you Eimi Fukada'sYouTubeI would be happy if you could watch it!
*Eimi Fukada is undressing in the video 🔞

As you can see by watching the video, the dancers at "CARNIVAL TOKYO" are also very cute👼

"CARNIVAL TOKYO'I would be happy if you could convey the charm of `` with the video!

Lastly, if there is anyone you would like to see special attendance next, I would appreciate it if you could leave a comment.
Maybe it was adopted? ? ?



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