Fact-finding survey on dating club members!Papa Activity Report 2022 results announced!

What is this year's dad activity trend?

What is this year's dad activity trend?

“Papa Activity Report 2022” is data extracted using Google Analytics from visits to “Universe Club” and usage information for the most recent year from February 2022, 2 to January 1, 2023. Statistical information that summarizes

Last year's first "Papa Activity Report 2021”, the survey results showed that only those who are actually active can understand from the data.
This year, more than 700 male members have cooperated.

1 (289) new users visited Universe Club official website in one year

Last year, the number of new users was 1,131,116, an increase of 155%.
As a measure to increase the number of female interviews,UNISAPO ~Gift AMAZON at the interview~” was widely recognized on SNS such as Twitter.

We believe this is the main reason for new user visits.

The number of impatient activists increased

The number of active members increased by about 300 for both men and women from last year, but the ratio remained the same.
The number of female registrants was decreasing for a while, probably due to the increase in the number of app users, but it has been increasing over the past year.
It is thought that the number of female registrants increased because men who were more calm economically and in terms of time for activities than the corona disaster, and UNISAPO, which spins a roulette that gives a maximum of 3 yen at the time of interview.

Activities at a dating club are difficult with only an annual income of 300 million yen

Was the result of the majority having an annual income of 1500 million yen or more as you imagined?

What is surprising is that the annual income is 300 million yen.
Considering paying the admission fee and setting fee (image above),
I think it's a tough activity because the annual income is about the same as the women who are registered with the club.
When you open the lid, you have unearned income and have huge assets.

In other answers,
While we saw here and there the answers that "2000 million yen can be used freely with multiple incomes" and "4000 million yen or more", the highest annual income was "3 million to 5 million yen".

Is the increase in the number of people dating a signal for the convergence of corona?

The result is that nearly half of the men are dating 2-3 women.
Compared to last year, when most people were dating one person, it seems that the corona crisis has calmed down and it has become easier to date.

On the other hand, some people say 0 people.I think it is a surprising result that there are 0 people other than members who have just registered with the dating club.
Those who broke up with a continuing woman,
It would be the one who ended in a single shot without a continuous relationship.

dating is free

At the Universe Club, I wasn't involved after the first meeting, so I didn't know if they were continuing or how long they had met.
I found out that there are many people who are about once a month in this survey.

It's hard to find time to make time between busy schedules such as work,
The number of dating people per man was 1 to 2,
It seems that there are many people who meet with one person every week.

Most people start at [16:19-XNUMX:XNUMX] when they can go home after work

The first date set by the Universe Club is called a "meeting".
An important date to see if both men and women feel the same, [16:19 to XNUMX:XNUMX] was the start of the majority.

Because we tell you "2 hours meal + 2 hours free love",
It may be started by counting back the time you can go home after work or drinking party.
Of course, there may be times when you can take your time and enjoy your meal while enjoying a drink.

In addition, most of the respondents answered the time of day and night meals, and some of them divided them by Saturday and Sunday.

A popular place where you can spend time calmly and inconspicuously

Restaurants (private rooms) and hotel lounges had almost the same rate.
I see a lot of people writing "Meeting 🍵 XNUMX" on SNS.

🍵 = tea, 🍽 = rice, so I expected that there would be many meetings at cafes that are cheaper and easier to use than hotel lounges, so I was surprised.

Male members tend to be affluent, so it seems that they are able to talk in a relaxed and calm place where they don't have to worry about being exposed.
Landmarks, commercial facilities, and izakayas were also mentioned.

Spontaneous women also tend to be preferred

I thought that "videos" that show how people are actually talking and their realistic body shape and atmosphere would be the most popular again this year, but the result was a big change from last year.

"Video" is now equal to those who point to "profile content".

"Inquire with the staff about women, and decide if the evaluation is not bad."
“Whether or not the conversation is likely to be lively (whether or not there are common interests and fields of interest)”
While the orthodox answer of "when and where we can meet" is raised,
I saw several people choosing people who sent "It's nice".

It's a function that allows women to appeal to men, so women should try sending "It's nice."
With the current specification, it will disappear after 60 days, so I think it would be a good idea to wait a few days and send it again.

"Men are money, women are appearance" psychology is embodied as a result

We asked those who chose "video", "profile content", and "photo" to give more specific points.
Opinion that "face" and "style" are overwhelmingly important.

There are few "clothes", but in order to make your style and face stand out, we recommend that you wear clothes that make your complexion look brighter, or clothes that emphasize your confident parts.

In addition, 9% answered "chest size",
Quite a few people answered "height and weight", and it may be a rough guideline for styles that are difficult to judge from photos.

Since the second half is a part of the question that can not be given data,
Here are some of the many responses we received.

●Please let me know if there are any points that determine the amount of the allowance.

"Time, content (adult or meal), satisfaction
If the content is good, I think it's okay to increase it a little. ”

"There is no difference in the amount depending on the other party, and we offer the same amount uniformly, and we decide by listening to the other party's wishes."

"Did you enjoy it?"

"Is it fun to talk to you?"

●Characteristics of women who continue to meet

Most of the people who answered "adult compatibility" emphasized personality such as "polite" and "amiable" at the same level.Even if you meet at a dating club, it's still a person-to-person relationship, so it's important to have a good personality.

An unforgettable episode

"He asked me to marry him."
“On the night we met, I came earlier than planned and went to the convenience store to buy sanitary products for the first time.”
"We talked about various things, and when we were contacting each other to set up an appointment, I was presented with a list of conditions, and I think there were 8-10. First, it said, "I don't kiss..."
"Actually, it was from the house next door."
"Memories of traveling abroad together and visiting wineries."
例文 I received a wedding invitation when someone I've known since the early days got married.
"There are people who always come with souvenirs, and I think it's very cute."
"Good memories that will never be forgotten"

I'm sorry I can only introduce a few, but it was a very happy episode as a staff.

However, some said, "Unfortunately, the people I met in Universe don't have such wonderful memories."
I received a voice like this.
I will try to set up so that I can meet a wonderful woman.

● What you are dissatisfied with, what you want to fix

"My profile says I'm a non-smoker, but I'll find out that I'm a smoker, so I want you to stop... Some people start smoking after they've been dating for a while, but it seems to be fading out."
"I want you to use fragrances such as perfume in moderation."
“I would be happy if you could be a little more proactive.
"I often look at my smartphone"
"It's hard to cancel without contacting us. Also, when we meet for the first time, I think there are things that don't suit each other."
"As a man, when I break up with you, I'm going to tell you the reason why, but I don't want you to say goodbye like you can't contact me all of a sudden."

If you have a habit of looking at your smartphone such as SNS, men often look at it, so please be careful.
I often hear stories of sudden loss of contact.
I also understand the feelings of anxious women, such as refusal requires courage and being persistent.
You may have the impression that dating clubs are simple and that you can do anything to each other, but I would be happy if you could remember that you don't like anything you don't like to be done by others.

"Thanks and no complaints"

What did you think.
This is the current situation of the dating club in 2022, when the corona disaster has passed and the daily life is regaining.
In order to lead the culture of papa-katsu in Japan, Universe Club will conduct a survey on papa-katsu from various angles and distribute it to everyone.