[Let's pay the dad tax. ] Over 900 applications!Announcing the Prosperous Results

At Universe Club, from April 2022st to October 4st, 21,

Entitled "Papa, let's pay the tax",

We held a contest to solicit questions and answers on tax law.

Daddy activities that can feel "extraordinary" and taxes are important things that cannot be separated.

While there are many people who find it difficult to consult or feel uneasy about Papa tax,
This is a project designed to allow questions and answers to be posted freely and to deepen understanding.

The total number of applications is 954! !

Thank you very much for all your applications!

Who will win the Grand Prize of 5 yen and the Excellence Prize of 1 yen? !
After a rigorous screening process, the winners will be notified by email.


Click here for the results!