Oct. 2023 Insights Report by Marketing Group

Always I am indebted.
This is Nozaki from Marketing Unit.

We will deliver the latest information of Universe Club.


【twentyNumber of members per month]*Including re-enrollment

〇 Number of male admissions


〇Number of female members

全国で657名の素敵な女性にご入会いただいております。(東京214名、大阪74名、横浜73名、名古屋69名、大宮56名、千葉38名、神戸34名、札幌20名、京都18名、広島15名、仙台13名、新潟2名、インターナショナル1名)全国の女性会員数は合計 7,270名(有効会員数)です。


[Number of registrants by class]

〇Male member

11 Black members, 29 Platinum members, 15 Gold members, and 3 Standard member have joined.

〇 Female member

9 Black members, 78 Platinum members, 309 Gold members, and 261 Standard member have joined.


[Number of dates nationwide]

In March, we set 10 dates for Black, 200 for Platinum, 800 for Gold, and 1200 for Standard. (* Aggregated by class of female members)

[PICK UP] Significant decrease in the number of men joining

Autumn is deepening, and the nights are getting colder.
How is everyone doing.

[Registered women in October] (compared to last month)
Number of applications…stable
Interview rate…stable
Membership rate…4% increase
Number of members increased by approximately 100 people

In October, there was an increase in the number of Black and Platinum female members joining compared to September.
Also, as a recent trend, there has been an increase in the number of applications from SNS, but this has led to an increase in the number of women who do not understand the activities of social clubs, and in many cases have not yet joined the club.
However, until now, the perception of SNS dad-katsu = dad-katsu apps has gradually expanded to include dad-katsu = ``dating club'', and we think this is an opportunity to attract an even wider variety of female members. Masu.

[Registered men in October] (compared to last month)
Number of applications…stable
Interview rate…6% decrease
Membership rate…6% decrease
Number of members...Reduced by 6 people

For men, there was a downward trend compared to September.
However, looking at membership classes, the number of Black class members is increasing, and the number of members joining through the half price discount campaign is also gradually increasing.
While the number of applications is flat, the number of members is decreasing, which may be due to our service and the factors that men are concerned about before joining.
Although this activity tends to receive negative press in society, we have received many compliments from members, and there are many benefits that men can gain by using it.
For example, when a service is provided in accordance with local regulations, such as a social club, it is extremely rare for a service to be involved in a crime, and the activity itself is not a crime.
It is also said that enriching your private time has a positive impact on your work performance.
The fact that you don't have to interact with each other yourself like you do with apps and SNS can also be said to be a unique advantage of the dating club.
Although it is not possible to eliminate troubles, we are always working on services that help our users with their safety and peace of mind.

We have also started an inter-monthly plan for men who are on overseas business trips or working alone, so please take advantage of this opportunity.

The weather is getting colder, so please take care of yourself.
I hope you can find a wonderful partner for the silver season, which has many events.