Sep. 2023 Insights Report by Marketing Group

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【twentyNumber of members per month]*Including re-enrollment

〇 Number of male admissions


〇Number of female members

全国で565名の素敵な女性にご入会いただいております。(東京191名、大阪56名、名古屋66名、横浜63名、大宮56名、神戸18名、京都16名、福岡20名、札幌20名、千葉25名、広島18名、仙台15名、新潟1名)全国の女性会員数は合計 7,219名(有効会員数)です。


[Number of registrants by class]

〇Male member

7 Black members, 25 Platinum members, 24 Gold members, and 1 Standard member have joined.

〇 Female member

7 Black members, 58 Platinum members, 272 Gold members, and 228 Standard member have joined.


[Number of dates nationwide]

In March, we set 9 dates for Black, 204 for Platinum, 913 for Gold, and 1038 for Standard. (* Aggregated by class of female members)

[PICK UP] Dramatic increase in the number of female applications

Autumn is a cool and refreshing season, how are you all doing?Please take good care of yourself to avoid catching a cold.

The number of female members joining in September was 9, a decrease of about 565 from last month's 623.
The interview rate was also 34.5%, a decrease of about 44% compared to last month's 10%.
The number of applications was 2521, an increase of about 2070 from last month's 450, and the highest number in the past two years.

The number of male members joining was 57, a decrease of 92 compared to 35 last month.
The number of applications remained unchanged at 128 compared to 133 last month, and the interview rate and membership rate decreased from 87.2% last month to 73.4% this month, and the enrollment rate decreased from 69.2% last month to 44.5% this month. It became.

The reason for the decrease in the number of male and female members is that for men, the number of inflows from official and affiliate sources, and for women, the number of inflows from affiliates has decreased.
The number of female applicants is on the rise, so we believe that there are many people who are interested in becoming a father.
The reason why the number of members has decreased is that while the number of applications from SNS media is increasing, the number of applications has stopped because the information posted on SNS alone lacks credibility. There is a possibility.
SNS is always updated with new information and is convenient because it allows you to easily collect information, but we believe that it is necessary to prepare reliable information such as member feedback and reports published on the official website. I am.

Regarding men, the number of members has decreased while the number of applications has remained the same, so it does not mean that they have lost interest in father activities, but they are worried about father activities due to the dark news related to father activities that are reported every day. We believe that due to the increase in the number of men who have this, the number of cases in which they do not reach the point of becoming a member has increased.
The Universe Club has a membership system and an environment where you can consult with the coordinator, so we manage a healthy father activity that does not fall into the dark news.
On the other hand, there are many concerns when starting out as a father, such as financial troubles and the risk of having your private life revealed due to the development of social media.
Therefore, we recommend that you register with a dating club that requires the submission of identification and start dating with women who have common sense.
We are still running a campaign where you can get points back at half the price of your membership fee by applying through affiliate marketing for men, so please take advantage of it.

As the mornings and evenings get colder, it's the season where we start to miss human skin.
At Universe Club, we will do our best to help you find wonderful encounters.

Please take care of yourself during the cool autumn weather.