[Kotobuki STYLE] A marriage proposal in Paris that women admire, and the secret story behind the enviable marriage!

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This time, it is said that the male and female members who met at the Universe Club got married.
Thank you for your report, so I will introduce you to a wonderful episode.

Two fresh-looking people in their early 30s and early 20s successfully crossed the finish line!
Their common hobby is "travelling abroad" and it seems that they had a great time from the first time they met.

The two met at the Universe Club, but after going on numerous dates both in Japan and abroad, they started dating on their 10th date.
I'm so jealous of being able to date both domestically and internationally...
I think that this extraordinary experience that could not be experienced in Japan created a strong bond between the two of you.
Each one is a very important memory.

The couple love to travel, so they decided to propose in Paris! ! !
Apparently, he proposed to her 7 months after they met.

How wonderful it would be to pledge your eternal love to each other in Paris, the city of love...
I hope the two of you will make many memories around the world in the future.
Congratulations to both of you on your marriage!

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Dating club encounters are rare until marriage
You never know what will happen when you meet someone.
In some cases, there is a chemical reaction between the two that leads to marriage.
If you report to the club at that time, we will give you a small thank you.
At the Universe Group, we not only create better encounters for our members, but also support their happy ending graduation.



It doesn't matter if you get married after you withdraw, so we look forward to hearing your happy report.

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