Kotobuki STYLE

We support life-changing marriages.

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has announced the estimated future population. It means that the population will fall below 2053 million in 1.
If the number of children born per woman remains the same as it is today, the population will fall below 1 million in 2053, and by 1 it will be 65 million, down 15% from 3.
Fertility rates have a significant impact on this outlook.Unmarried or late marriage is a major factor in lowering the birthrate.Lowering the unmarried rate is an effective measure against the declining birthrate.
At the Universe Group, we consider countermeasures against the declining birthrate as a major issue in order to survive in this matching industry.
For two people who have reached the big milestone of "marriage" in life, we, Universe Group, have proposed "Kotobuki STYLE" as a gift to support marriage promotion.

What is Kotobuki STYLE?

Meetings at dating clubs are meetings that do not have marriage as the goal, but you never know what will happen when meeting people.
In some cases, there is a chemical reaction between the two that leads to marriage.
If you report to the club at that time, we will give you a small thank you.
At the Universe Group, we not only create better encounters for our members, but also support their happy ending graduation.


Couples who got married after being introduced by Universe Group
Both of you will be asked to leave the club.


For male members: After withdrawing from membership, the full amount of the admission fee will be refunded.
Female members → After withdrawal, we will present the same amount as the male partner as a celebration money.

Introduction of members who actually got married

Here, we introduce the members who actually got married.
Please allow us to post a photo of the two of you (we will blur out the face) on our website.
Please submit a document that proves your marriage.
* We have obtained the consent of the two of you to publish it.

This is the first marriage since the Kotobuki STYLE campaign started!

I'm sure both of you weren't looking for a marriage partner from the beginning to join.
As we met, I think the shape gradually changed into a serious romance.
I really felt once again that I don't know what will happen when I meet people.

Men are polite, gentlemanly, considerate of time, conversational skills
Women are intelligent, sensual, and have the ability to convey gratitude.

Looking back on the feedback, it seems that there was something that attracted each other from the first date.It was about 8 months since we met, and we were 10 years old.
We were registered at the beginning of March, and as proof of our marriage, we were issued a marriage registration acceptance certificate.
Both of you were very polite to the end and graduated from the Universe Club safely.
Congratulations on your marriage.

During the corona vortex, I received a happy report.
The couple, who met at the Universe Club and have been dating for two years, have been married for 2 years.

The two of you, who have been club members for many years, were looking for a high-level man and woman to meet each other.
The world of dad activities may be tougher than the matchmaking industry, but dating clubs may be the best place to meet people for an uncompromising marriage aiming for higher heights.
To please your happiness.

As soon as we met, we got to know each other and started dating.

After cohabiting smoothly, he became an irreplaceable existence before he knew it, and this time he reached the goal!
I never thought that I would meet and get married through Papa Katsu.

It's a 20-year age gap marriage.May you be forever happy!

As soon as we met, we got to know each other and started dating.
I proposed on about the 4th or 5th date, and as a result, we got married in 3 months after getting to know each other.
There was a 22-year age difference, so I had a hard time persuading my parents, but other than that, everything went smoothly.
I am really grateful to Universe because I was able to meet people who I would not have met on a typical matchmaking site or counseling office.

Congratulations on your marriage.To please your happiness.



Congratulations on your marriage.To please your happiness.