[Kotobuki STYLE] Another marriage story of Universe Club members has been born.

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This time, it is said that the male and female members who met at the Universe Club got married.
Thank you for your report, so I will introduce you to a wonderful episode.


Super speed marriage that met and registered in 3 months!
Isn't this exactly what it means to "meet the person of your destiny"?

Meet in March 2023
It seems that the first date at the universe music club was the trigger.
From there, we met again and again, and we made a proposal, and then we got to the finish line.

However, there was a high wall before reaching the goal...

In fact, the age difference between these two is 22 years! !

It seems that it was very difficult to persuade the family until they accepted the marriage.

If the sexagenary cycle is about two times different, the values ​​​​of hobbies and personalities are also different...
However, I felt that the strong bond between the two of us overcame the differences in values ​​that may have arisen from the difference in family and age, and that a wonderful result was born.

From permission to marriage to registration, it progresses in a blink of an eye, and both men and women
I received the words, "I'm really grateful to Universe because I was able to meet people who I can't meet at general marriage agencies."

Although it is a dating club that still has a dark image in the world
Most people find a partner who will enrich their marriage and life.

Wherever you meet,Congratulations on your marriage.


Kotobuki STYLE campaignAnd

Dating club encounters are rare until marriage
You never know what will happen when you meet someone.
In some cases, there is a chemical reaction between the two that leads to marriage.
If you report to the club at that time, we will give you a small thank you.
At the Universe Group, we not only create better encounters for our members, but also support their happy ending graduation.

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It doesn't matter if you get married after you withdraw, so we look forward to hearing your happy report.

May you be forever happy.