Jun. 2023 Insights Report by Marketing Group

Thank you for all your continued patronage.
This is Nozaki from Marketing Unit.

We will deliver the latest information of Universe Club.


【twentyNumber of members per month]*Including re-enrollment

〇 Number of male admissions


〇Number of female members

全国で659名の素敵な女性にご入会いただいております。(東京226名、大阪103名、名古屋69名、横浜53名、大宮43名、神戸36名、譲渡27名、福岡25名、札幌23名、千葉22名、広島17名、仙台15名)全国の女性会員数は合計 7,060名(有効会員数)です。


[Number of registrants by class]

〇Male member

13 Black members, 34 Platinum members, 7 Gold members, and 2 Standard member have joined.

〇 Female member

11 Black members, 80 Platinum members, 297 Gold members, and 271 Standard member have joined.


[Number of dates nationwide]

In March, we set 6 dates for Black, 215 for Platinum, 1006 for Gold, and 1069 for Standard. (* Aggregated by class of female members)

[PICK UP] Significant decrease in the number of men joining

It's getting really hot, are you all taking precautions against heat stroke?

The number of female admissions increased by about 6 in June, but both the interview rate and admission rate decreased by about 60%.
In addition, although the number of admissions has increased, the number of women who have joined Black has decreased. June was the last month of the women's support campaign, so I think there were many cases where last-minute applications went through to enrollment.

The number of male admissions was the lowest in the past two years.
Along with this, the interview rate and admission rate decreased by about 30%.
However, since the number of applications has not changed significantly, it does not mean that the number of men who want to do dad activities has decreased.

We are still holding half the admission fee back campaign for men who apply via affiliates, so please take advantage of this.

The coronavirus is over, masks are off, and more and more people are interacting offline.
The dating club industry is in full swing in the summer, so please find a wonderful encounter during this time.

I hope you all have a wonderful encounter.