Additional features to our evaluation system for male and female members

To all members
Thank you for your continued membership and interest in Universe Club.
The following are additional functions regarding the evaluation system for male and female members.

Previous announcement

・Scores from the post-date feedback surveys will be reflected in members' star ratings.
・ If male members continue to receive negative scores from the ladies' feedback after the dates, a warning, or membership withdrawal will be advised.

Changed in this announcement

  • Post-date feedback survey scores will be accumulated and the following incentives will be provided upon membership renewal.
  • Points will be gifted to male members upon membership renewal, while a 5000 yen to 3 yen incentive will be gifted to female members.
  • Male members will have their star rating displayed in the same way as female members, for example as ★★★☆☆



Points will be gifted on or after January 1st upon membership renewal.
The male members' ★★★ ratings will be available for ladies from around November 11st.

MalePoints gifts to male members

If you have a rating score of 5 or more at the time of membership expiration, you will be awarded points upon renewal at a rate corresponding to the score received, which can be used for future date settings.

●Male member star ratingsdisplay

When sending date offer details to the ladies, we will display the male member's star rating as of the time of the offer.
When you first register, you will have ★★★☆☆
As you receive more positive feedback, your score can increase to ★★★★★
If you receive negative feedback, your rating may be lowered to ★☆☆☆☆
As such, your star rating will be shown accordingly.

CriticismEvaluation Rules

  •  There may be cases where you disagree with your partner's evaluation, but if high ratings outweigh the low ones, the rating score will increase!
  • The current star rating of male members will be viewable in the future within the member site.
  • Rating scores will be lowered by -2 points for each time you are found to have coerced your partner into giving a high rating, or to have given a rating that was clearly untrue.
  • In the future, we plan to have a system in which post-date feedback will be required after every date.


systemPurpose of the Program

The goal of Universe Club's membership service is to ensure the happiness of all three parties: male members, female members, and the staff.
We aim to be a great sugar dating service where we can talk frankly with each other, and communicate from the other person's point of view.
We ask for the understanding of all our members so that your future encounters will be increasingly successful.
Universe Club Representative
Satoshi Kida

92 Replies to “Additional functions regarding the evaluation system for male and female members”

  1. So in order to get a good reputation, you have to force yourself to happily date someone you don't quite agree with, right?
    If it is not clear how to distinguish the evaluation of a woman who lies or has a bad attitude from the legitimate evaluation, isn't it unfair for men who pay money to become a member?

    The system should allow you to challenge each other's rating once in a while!
    How should I respond when I am accused
    Prevention of false accusations of molestation is necessary!
    I don't think I will ever offer a girl who looks beautiful but has a bad personality.

      1. Anonymous
        Thank you for your comment.This is representative Kida

        ・ It becomes difficult to say strong things to women in the form of being bound by evaluation
        ・There is a possibility of false evaluation from malicious women, so it should be possible to file an objection.
        ・In the end, it becomes difficult to offer to a woman who looks beautiful and sharp because she is afraid of bad reviews.

        I understand these 3 points.
        ・ It becomes difficult to say strong things to women in the form of being bound by evaluation
        → We are aiming for that effect.No matter how rude a woman is, no matter how rude she is, please politely hand over the transportation expenses and report your evaluation of the woman to the club after the date.This has not changed since before.Setting up dates is not a job for women, they come voluntarily.If the complaint is addressed to the club, we will confirm the facts and consider the withdrawal of the woman.

        ・There is a possibility of false evaluation from malicious women, so it should be possible to file an objection.
        → It's true that I understand things better with that system in place, but I was like, "What was her evaluation? If you got any bad points, please let me know. -1 is impossible. Because she... Also~ I am~ That's why I can't accept it."
        Such exchanges are expected.Even if there is a complaint, the fact cannot be confirmed, so if the club begins to delete the evaluation that has been dissatisfied, the system will be reduced to a mere formality.
        ``If you go on a date with 10 people and get a high evaluation from 1 and a low evaluation from 3, there is a possibility that the impression from the woman is not good. .
        If three women report that "the body touch is intense during meals", instead of "looking for a woman who can enjoy body touch during the first meal after dating many women", "the first body touch" I would like to recommend the form of "give up and get the other party's approval".

        ・In the end, it becomes difficult to offer to a woman who looks beautiful and sharp because she is afraid of bad reviews.
        → Is that so? If you have 4 or XNUMX people, you'll find that brown-haired and gyaru-like women are more humane and trustworthy.
        On the other hand, I think that women who aim too much for daddy life are like work, so I think that you can find a daddy life way that is not deceived by appearance.

        ・ Low evaluation when a man refuses a relationship
        → It seems that there was no such low evaluation in the past 6 months, but the club hopes that it will be gentlemanly and sincere, including "how to refuse".

    1. People who can afford it don't get upset by their own evaluation! !If by any chance you find it difficult to invite, that's because there are many other sites, so that's fine.

    2. I agree The information we want for male members is the number of offers that females are getting.If you can display this, it will be easier to judge together with the number of stars.

  2. It is a very interesting experiment, but for example,
    It is too different to give the same minus XNUMX to cancellations on the day without contact and cancellations on the day with advance notice such as work being delayed, etc.
    How many evaluations from the other party are reflected in the negative or positive of the overall star mark, etc.
    If the evaluation of a person who gives a low evaluation without a comment is reflected, the evaluation will drop even though they may not be compatible with each other. Just like people who criticize for reasons they don't understand, they feel unreasonable like an unavoidable "accident", so if you try to avoid such people, the number of offers will be biased. ?I have a concern.
    Thank you for your consideration of the criteria.

    1. Mr. Tamai
      Thank you for your valuable opinion

      Of course, there are concerns about accidents.
      No matter how you look at it, men are not bad cases, and there is a possibility that they will receive negative evaluations due to women's one-sided beliefs.
      Also, there is a world of difference between a man with a score of -1 after one date and a man with a cumulative score of -20 after 1 dates.

      However, if you receive a low evaluation three times on a date, you should think that there is something that needs to be improved.
      What needs to be improved may be body odor, attitude, or how to negotiate terms.
      what's wrong?Thinking about it and improving it will lead to good results for male members as well.I think.
      Therefore, I would like you to understand that "Since there are no three-time accidents, if you receive a continuous low evaluation, please use it as an opportunity to reconsider your driving. Although the probability of one-time accident is low, it is possible." .If this assumption collapses, we may ask you to set detailed rules to prevent accidents and misdemeanors.

      1. I've heard from a girl I dated before that there was a bad guy who was secretly recorded while having sex at a hotel, or that his bag was groped without permission.
        Are you healthy with those guys?I believe that it is a system to draw a clear line between me and myself, who are engaged in club activities, so I would like to see how things go for a while. (I would be in trouble if a line was drawn between those guys and me...)

        1. Looking at the comments from various people, it seems that after all, this system has just been launched and there is only a "general", so to speak, so they are worried.
          As I commented earlier, it would be a great nuisance for us if a woman who took the trouble to become a member closed her heart because of someone who is ridiculous from our point of view.
          Specific "specific theories" such as evaluation criteria will be established more and more in the future, so if I borrow Mr. Kida's words, "Don't make a fuss about things that haven't been decided yet! You really have the financial strength to become a dad. Is it a person who has it? His behavior is the same as that of ordinary citizens!” (Huh? Didn't I say it?? LOL)
          It's a joke, but if I'm doing normal club activities and my grade is XNUMX, then I'll quit this club too.But I'm sure there will be no one here when that happens.If you are confident in your actions, you should shut up a little more and see how it goes.

  3. I think it's a good thing that everything is open and the facts are evaluated.
    Regarding the disadvantages of male members due to the leniency and bias of the interview, such as when the content of the interview at the club is clearly different due to direct conversation with the person, we male members are faced with mistakes and misunderstandings. How will it be evaluated and reflected?I think that female members are the most likely to be frightened, but I think that male members are also unexpectedly stepping on landmines and having unpleasant feelings in their own way.Does that mean it's your responsibility?We believe the data presented on the web to judge the offer.
    Please refrain from disclosing your name in this article.I wish to remain anonymous.

    1. Thank you for your comment

      For example, if your profile says that you are a neat young lady with little experience, but when you meet her, she is a battle-hardened papa katsujo,
      It's no good that the staff couldn't see through it.
      I would appreciate it if you could contact the staff with your complaint.
      If it is a critical mistake that should be spotted, we will consider a partial refund.

      However, it is basically impossible to cancel the evaluation.
      I would like you to say goodbye as a gentleman on the surface, so as not to offend me even if you are not the image of a woman you have heard about, but an outrageous woman.
      There is no point in fighting land mine women, and you will get a low evaluation.
      However, never respond to requests for large sums of money that are not stipulated.After confirming the facts, I will dismiss the woman.

      1. I don't understand the regulations well although it is commented as "a large amount of money demanded outside the regulations".
        I would appreciate it if you could let me know if there are any rules.

      2. There is a comment saying, "Demanding a large amount of money outside the regulations...", but I don't understand the prescribed amount of money, so I give the money according to the other party's instructions.
        I would appreciate it if you could teach me about the stipulated money.

        1. Mr. Kimura

          Thank you for your question

          A non-standard case
          I commented assuming that the transportation cost is higher than 1 yen.
          The terms of the relationship and the amount of allowance that both parties agreed to could be 100 million yen or 100 yen, but if you were offered an amount that you did not agree to, please refuse.The expression outside the regulation was bad.very sorry

  4. If "the mission of a membership club is to make men and women members, staff, and three sides happy", if the company's banner is "three parties, one win", the company's clean management policy will be clear and leave a good impression. is.I remember that the policy of Omi merchants was similar.Please consider that.

    1. Mr. Goto

      I searched for the word sanpoichiryoku.Exactly what I meant.but for my purpose
      I wanted to convey that members-only clubs such as Go clubs and secret clubs are of that nature.
      I'm the type of person who wants to benefit only myself, so it's difficult to uphold this as a company philosophy.very sorry.

    1. Thank you for your comment
      That is certainly possible.
      The pride of a woman who is refused is hurt, so I would like you to refrain from refusing as much as possible, but I can't do that, so
      Together we will find a smart special move that does not hurt the pride and does not know whether the woman has been refused or not,
      Wouldn't you like to aim for a life together like Director Kosaku Shima, where you can refuse invitations from women, but strangely you won't be resented?

  5. As a heavy user, I'm against it because I want to meet a lot of girls and examine the good girls among them.

    There was a time when a woman who refused to associate with me made a complaint of revenge.
    It's also confirmed by the club Zumi.
    If there is a restaurant that evaluates customers, it will be a long way to go.

    1. Salon Taro

      thank you for your comment.
      In Uber, a taxi dispatch service, the driver seems to evaluate the passengers.
      I feel that in sharing services, it is becoming common for both billers and users to evaluate each other.
      I think that it is not the restaurant that evaluates the customer, but the person who is with you at the restaurant.
      I think that meeting a lot of women and carefully selecting the best from them is a wonderful way for rich people to be allowed, but I would like them to keep the minimum manners even for women who I didn't like when I met them. am thinking.
      I think that you are probably using the salon, so I think that the evaluation from women is almost perfect so far.I imagine that even if there is occasional revenge, the points will increase considerably, and the renewal fee will be almost free.I hope you can teach me the benefits of it.

  6. As a heavy user, I'm against it because I want to meet a lot of girls and examine the good girls among them.

    There was a time when a woman who refused to associate with me made a complaint of revenge.
    It's also confirmed by the club Zumi.
    If there is a restaurant that evaluates customers, it will be a long way to go.

  7. I only write feedback occasionally.I'm sorry for what I said earlier.
    For those who said they didn't know adult relationships were physical relationships,
    Those who have a fine tattoo but have zero comments from the club,
    I wrote it in the feedback, but the stars were not reduced.
    I'm sorry for the old story of those who withdrew.
    Club interviews would be appreciated if they got to the point.
    I think it would be nice to have a male star.

    1. Thank you for your comment

      That's right.
      The majority of male members are kind, so many of them close their eyes to the staff's unfavorable response.
      My profile is full of lies, and even if I declare it, my stars won't decrease.
      But even if you say that to the club, it's just troublesome, and if you do, the service won't improve.
      If the disadvantage caused by the staff's lack of hearing falls on me, and if it affects my evaluation score, the trust in the profile information from the man will inevitably increase.
      what's upplease raise your voice

  8. I am an anonymous questionnaire responder.

    ☆ I think that the evaluation fluctuation in XNUMX stages from XNUMX to XNUMX has too much impact when it changes from XNUMX to XNUMX.Perhaps female members also have a sharp decline in offers to women with a rating of XNUMX or less. (Currently, I think that about XNUMX% of female members are less than ☆XNUMX.)

    The club may think that if you go on a good date with a XNUMX star, you will be a XNUMX star, but I think that when you reach a XNUMX star, the number of women who do not accept the man's offer will increase.This is why many men are concerned about the risk of their evaluations being lowered by unfair surveys.

    On top of that, how about giving -2 for the overall impression of dating and -2 for not using contraception, for example?
    Set up a number of items (for example, appearance characteristics, smells such as bad breath, not using contraception, unreasonably low allowances, too long restraint time, etc.) and make a questionnaire to check them. what about?

    1. Mr. Dai

      Thank you for your comment
      It's certainly a good idea.
      It seems that it is better for men to be clear about what needs to be improved.
      However, for now, I would like to try it with the overall impression score and free comments.
      I may add more later.

      As you said about the impact when the evaluation becomes 2, in order to reduce it
      We are adding a rule to the system that ``if there is no questionnaire response from the other party, it is judged that there is no problem and plus 1 point''.
      If there are many women who refuse offers from 2-star men, I will think about something.
      For example, within 3 dates after joining
      do not show ratings, etc.

      1. thank you for your reply.
        I agree with the evaluation system itself because nothing will work unless you try it first.
        If there is no questionnaire response from the other party, I think that it is good to judge that there is no problem and add XNUMX.
        I hope that you will continue to act flexibly based on various opinions.
        By the way, as a result of being very worried, I made an offer to one woman.It's a date from now on, but I feel uneasy about what will happen.

  9. Basically, I agree with the evaluation system.However, please improve the way you ask questions.
    The current questionnaire questions are
    ★Compared to my expectations, this date and partner were (XNUMX) very good (XNUMX) somewhat good (XNUMX) as expected (XNUMX) not as good as expected (XNUMX) inferior
    To be honest, I'm not sure how to answer.
    She was a very nice person, but I didn't like her (for example, I wanted a woman with short hair, but she was stretched out).In that case, some people will choose (XNUMX) and some will choose (XNUMX).
    Also, since it is a comparison with expectations, the higher the expectations, the lower the evaluation.I don't think it's suitable for that person's evaluation.
    be specific if possible
    I would like the questions to be less confusing when answering, such as "there was a sense of cleanliness" and "the attitude was not overbearing".

    1. fat cat

      Thank you for your comment
      Before the current question format
      Appearance 12345
      Personality 12345
      Education 12345
      Courtesy 12345
      Overall 12345
      It was a total of 25 points.

      However, the pattern of responses
      25 points if you can etch
      0 points if etch is refused
      It was an answer like that.
      Therefore, we stopped evaluating each item.
      Also, since the criteria for the evaluation of 1 to 5 are ambiguous, we decided that it would be easier to understand the criteria by comparing them with the expected values.
      If you are clearly inferior to the impression you have in your profile, you will receive a low score, and it will be used as a warning to those who are about to make an offer.
      But I understand that it's hard to answer, so I'll try to think of a better way

  10. Is it correct to say that "the club's sales are only paid by male members"?
    Then, it means that "the store evaluates the customer, even if it is not directly"?
    I am a little confused here.
    Disadvantages of male members
    ・There is a possibility that you will be expelled from the club if you are evaluated.
    ・Because female members can see the evaluation, if it is low, they will not be able to meet you, or you will have to meet female members with prejudices.
    The merit is
    ・The number of female members in the club will increase because female members will benefit from the evaluation system for male members.
    Are there any other advantages/disadvantages?
    I don't think the number of female members will increase that much in the evaluation of male members, and I feel that there are more disadvantages for male members.
    Well, it is checked even though it was not checked, so there are more disadvantages.
    It may be unavoidable if it is "to a healthier club"...

    1. Thank you for your comment

      We believe that there are the following advantages

      ・ Fewer men treat women like consumables
      ・ Then beautiful women will gather
      ・If a man treats you kindly, the woman will also be kind.
      ・Evaluated as a dating club with a warm once-in-a-lifetime chance
      ・Good men and good women choose the universe

      ・Temporary decrease in male members
      ・ Members will have to date while worrying about evaluation
      ・It may not be a good person club

      I am thinking this way,
      I am grateful to the male members who are paying important money, but I am equally grateful to the female members.
      It is a club that requires both those who pay money and those who have the courage to join, so I would like to consider both.

  11. Men's ★★☆☆☆ evaluation is strongly opposed.
    If you take care of women, you will not be able to enjoy a casual date.Only when a woman voluntarily makes a complaint that it is terrible in light of concrete and common sense, information is accumulated, and if it is frequent, qualitative information is conveyed to the newly introduced woman. I think it's better to

    On the other hand, we are frequently introduced to women, but it is troublesome to evaluate them every time. , I'm a younger woman, so I'm trying to tolerate and have an easy-going relationship.

    The current level of information, "Because there was a cancellation on the day, it is minus 1." is enough.

    1. Mr. Yamamoto

      Thank you for your comment

      I don't think it's fun to date a woman out of consideration.
      What's so sad about the restaurant you've booked, your appearance, and your behavior, if you're not going to be evaluated by a little girl, you're in a position to treat yourself, so just shut up and eat.
      I think in Hiroshima dialect.

      Up until now, we used a method of adding comments when complaint information was accumulated, but it didn't work very well.

      As long as the truth of the complaint information cannot be confirmed, everyone cannot be black and white as suspects.Victims quietly leave.
      This is it until now.

      It is true that feedback is troublesome every time, so "If there is no feedback, add 1 point" and then replace it with that score when feedback arrives.
      We plan to implement the method from 11/16

  12. I agree that there are evaluations for both men and women, but as others have said, shouldn't evaluations be based on clear rules? .For both men and women, I don't think it's possible to make a proper evaluation based on feedback such as questionnaires that are full of self-interest.
    Unfortunately, the number of standard, gold, and relationship type A has increased recently, and I think the overall quality is declining.I feel like I can't get out of the curse of "papa katsu" that I spread and spread, and I haven't been able to do it as a dating club or a date club.If the number of men and women with poor quality increases, the number of dates will decrease, and the number of male members will also decrease.At this rate, I feel like all three of us are going to be unhappy.

    1. Thank you for your comment

      Clear rules should be established and operated with accurate evaluation.
      →Honestly, I gave up on that and adopted this system.The main focus of this time is deterrence and opportunity for improvement.
      Rather than arresting people who exceed the 50km speed limit by 1km, we want to eliminate people who repeatedly drive dangerously on a daily basis. I judged.
      In the past, we have announced the "Guidelines for Deduction of Points for Women" twice.It is written in great detail.But no one remembers what it was about.And nobody follows the rules.
      I'm sorry about ~ recently.However, my stance of valuing A-type, standard, and gold women has not changed. We are doing it with the attitude of eliminating "false declaration C type".

  13. The content of the date changes as much as the other person thinks and takes.
    I think it should be judged on the bare minimum.
    1.Are you late for the meeting time for the date, and were you contacted even if you were late?
    2, was there a cancellation on the day of the date?
    3, whether there was a thank you email or message after the date.Even if there is, it will be the same day or 2-3 days later.
    4. Whether the allowance for the date was paid properly by the day of the date, regardless of the amount.
    I think that it is better to think about it based on the above four points because you can roughly understand the personality and nature of any person.If it's more than that, I think it's going to be complicated because people's emotions are also included in the details.that's all.
    more than about

    1. Mr. Yanase

      Thank you for your comment
      The items you have listed are the minimum rules for dating, and those who do not follow them will have problems.
      This is understandable.However, if it is the staff who evaluates it, I think it will work well, but I think there is a limit to making a calm judgment when the dating partner evaluates it.
      Late arrival and no thank you email, but there are some great women and a lot of the opposite.Also, depending on the timing of the evaluation, it may be the opposite evaluation.
      It's not necessarily the case that some women would go home angrily just by saying, "That's a nice outfit."
      But those women may or may not turn into graceful women in front of other men.
      There are too many variables, so I would like to start with 5 levels of "overall good to bad".
      In the same way as how to interact with female employees at work, please try not to step on landmines when dating.

    1. Thank you for your comment

      But a silly opinion.
      The club is managed not only by male members who pay, but also by female members, so to speak, an important date partner.
      What kind of club is this club that treats male members who are forced to withdraw such important female members one after another as "customers"?

      I want you to scold me

  14. I would like to express my opinion on the male side.

    The woman I offered had a tattoo, and after entering the hotel and handing over the allowance, she came out.No comment was made by the club.

    There was also an example where someone who was completely different from the image of the club appeared.
    For example, I offered a black-haired woman, but she turned out to be a bright blonde, or even though she was slim in the video, a chubby woman came out...

    There is no way the audio is skipping or the video is pointing in a completely different direction.
    It is outrageous to invest money and see a woman who is different from the introduction image.
    You should improve the quality of the introduction page of the club, such as images, videos, interviews, etc.

    1. Thank you for your feedback

      "Do something about staff profile accuracy before scoring men."
      I agree with your opinion.
      The rules and notes state that "images and information of women are self-reported at the time of interview and cannot be guaranteed."
      I paid 5 yen to reserve a French full course, but I can't accept Vietnamese food on the table.
      But this time it's different.
      As a club, we will continue to make efforts to improve accuracy.

  15. I personally appreciate this change.

    When I met with female members several times and became intimate with them, I heard from several women that they were scared of their activities (of course, there was no leak of information that could identify individual male members).
    We anticipate that this change will have a very large positive effect, such as to hedge the risk of female members, to create a sense of security and equality between male and female members, and to ensure that our male members are always prepared to be gentlemen. increase.

    I think that the ☆ evaluation from the club for female members is worthy of trust.
    I often felt that both the negative aspects, such as the habit of being late and the risk of canceling on the same day, and the positive aspects, such as the diligence of communication, were as evaluated.
    Therefore, we can expect that male members will also evaluate us without deviating greatly from the facts.

    When I had a good date, and when I didn't enjoy it very much, I also tell the club about my impressions, but I can't easily increase or decrease the female member's ☆ rating based on my impressions alone. I also realize that
    In that respect, I can assume that the evaluation of male members will not be shaken by the evaluation of only one female member, so I trust that it will be appropriately marked with a star.

    We hope that the effect of this change will manifest itself in a positive way.

    1. mr.sato

      Thank you for your comment
      He explained the intentions of the club so much that I wanted to give him points later.

      However, I'm sure Mr. Sato is worried that this system is turbulent in his heart, but even so, he says, ``It's useless to argue now. I think it's a comment from an adult's point of view, such as "Let's keep a balance for the time being."
      Thank you for your consideration
      We would like to operate in such a way that Mr. Sato truly thinks that the evaluation is worthy of his trust.

  16. I think it would be better to use only the point addition method.
    Good feedback spreads, and bad feedback should be personally warned by the club.
    If you have a lot of good feedback, it will be easier for women to judge.

    1. Thank you for your comment

      If it's bad, the club will be able to warn you personally, and you can't.
      Even if I receive feedback from women like, "I'm already scared, so please let me withdraw," I don't know the details, and I can't say it's the man's fault.
      In that situation, even if you ask "Did you do something?"
      The current situation is also like that, but eventually men won't even think about it.

      The cost of acquiring a platinum class woman is 10.The current situation is that the woman immediately withdraws due to a heartless male member.The advertising expenses for her acquisition are received from all men.
      Therefore, if you only add points, it is expected that the system will become a mere formality, so please allow me to deduct points as well.

  17. I'm not sure, but
    It seems that the evaluation of women is decided by the club, but because the evaluation is high,
    If women who are losing encounters also lower their ratings and have many offers,
    women who think
    If you give a rating to a man, may it be a waste of membership fees?
    I think there are men and women who post with emotions,
    Can the club check the facts?
    I don't dare to post, but it's very difficult to evaluate people!?

    1. Thank you for your comment

      How is it that women are worried about men's low evaluation and their chances of dating decrease?
      Do you have a question?
      That is certainly possible.
      Even if a man with a low evaluation makes an offer, he will not accept it and the setting will not be established. = The club cannot make money.It is useless to spend labor costs
      But that's fine.
      I understand that the members of the club do not want the setting fee to be 1 yen, but that they want the quality to match the amount at 10 yen.
      Life and time are finite, and you don't think that it costs 1500 million yen for a car but 1 yen for meeting a woman.
      I think the shortest way is to score each other based on emotions and analyze the truth from those numbers.

  18. This system is wonderful. I'm glad he's a guy who makes me think, ``Oh yeah, that's funny'' (^^)
    I think it's a chance for the men to hone their "man power".

    1. Thank you for your comment

      thank you for saying that
      Men are creatures that compete with each other in terms of annual income, status, the size of an array, and the distance they pee.
      Women aren't stupid either, so they spot men with low power who are just bragging about their high status and annual income on dates.
      It would be like a dream to become a club that competes with the "man power" that the questioner said.

  19. "The purpose of the system" is too vague to understand,
    Is it that you want to do something because there are many people who have a bad reputation on the male side?

    As others have said, the men pay a lot of money...
    With this system, even if you don't get along when you meet someone, or if you have a completely different profile and atmosphere, you will have to spend time with consideration.Offers will also become more cautious.

    One suggestion, please make it possible to rate profiles.
    There is also content that is quite out of place.Will this be a win for all three?

    1. Thank you for your comment

      Evaluation for profile, I think this is very good
      I would like to verify whether it can be implemented immediately
      Thanks for the idea!

  20. Some women have false profiles.There were many experiences with apps, customs experience, and active deli ladies.I don't want to be evaluated by a woman like that.
    I think that the club is deceived.
    I don't think stars mean much.I wonder if female stars aren't quick and courteous club response rate.

    1. Thank you for your comment

      I don't want to be evaluated by a woman with a false profile.
      Dating club encounters are not employment exams, so shouldn't we lie to some extent?Ultimately, it might be "a woman with a false profile = a woman who has come out as a lie" and "a woman who is not lying = a woman who has kept her secret".
      As you say, stars don't mean much.
      The important thing is whether or not you are attracted to the woman in front of you to the extent that you want to go out with her.


  21. ★2.5 or ★3.5 in steps of 0.5 would be better.
    If it is roughly XNUMX, there is a possibility that the offer will be extremely reduced.
    Also, in the case of a negative evaluation, I think it is better to write down the reason.being late, canceling at the last minute,
    I'm more concerned about the reason than the number of ★, such as poor physical condition. 

    1. Thank you for your comment

      I wanted to create one decimal place, but I gave up because it might be complicated on the system.
      corresponds to the star
      ★★★☆☆ is
      There is a difference of 1 points from -3 to +4.
      Therefore, it does not rise or fall immediately.It may go up or down quickly on the XNUMXrd or XNUMXth date.
      Regarding the reasons for the negative factors, those with clear facts are added to the club comments.

  22. I think the purpose of this system is simply wonderful.The management and operation of this club is, in principle, made up of male members.By rating the male member, there is a risk that some members will object and object to the majority, but I am impressed with the courage to dare to set the future management policy.
    Some rude women look down on male members and make money, and although they may look admirable at first glance, there are many who are ugly at heart.I hope that the club will be a place of happiness and healing for the male members (including myself) who are struggling to run their business on a daily basis, so that it will not be a useless setting or a useless date with such a woman.
    Every organization has problem children who think only of themselves.
    Even male members look down on the club and the other party, saying, "I'm paying, so..." and look down on them.At the same time as the image of our club is down, the image of wealthy men is getting worse.It would be nice if you realized that some problem people, regardless of gender, should change their minds, but if you don't notice it, the organization will naturally reject you.That's it.
    The representative says, "It is our mission to bring happiness to all three parties, male and female members, staff members," but this shows that we are not really focusing on making money.In terms of contributing to society and organizations, I think it is a splendid policy.
    In the first place, politicians and companies, restaurants, golf courses, etc., are commonly evaluated in some way, including online writing and word of mouth, all over the world.
    As a big framework, this is "fair and sound"
    I look forward to his future success.
    I think it's the first step to grow into a more trusted and wonderful club.

    Through my club activities, I will do my best not to get any complaints or be hit by an ugly woman.Thank you for your continued advice and good luck.

  23. I think the purpose of this system is simply wonderful.In principle, the management and operation of this club consists of male members. I admire your courage to decide.
    Some rude women look down on male members and make money, and although they may look admirable at first glance, there are many who are ugly at heart.I hope that the club will be a place of happiness and healing for the male members (including myself) who are struggling to run their business on a daily basis, so that it will not be a useless setting or a useless date with such a woman.
    Every organization has problem children who think only of themselves.
    Even male members look down on the club and the other party, saying, "I'm paying, so..." and look down on them.At the same time as the image of our club is down, the image of wealthy men is getting worse.It would be nice if you realized that some problem people, regardless of gender, should change their minds, but if you don't notice it, the organization will naturally reject you.That's it.
    The representative says, "It is our mission to bring happiness to all three parties, male and female members, staff members," but this shows that we are not really focusing on making money.In terms of contributing to society and organizations, I think it is a splendid policy.
    In the first place, politicians and companies, restaurants, golf courses, etc., are commonly evaluated in some way, including online writing and word of mouth.
    As a big framework, this is "fair and sound"
    I think it's the first step to grow into a more trusted and wonderful club.
    I look forward to your continued success in the future.

    Through my club activities, I will do my best not to get any complaints or be hit by an ugly woman.Thank you for your continued advice and good luck.smile

    1. Daddy's life history 7 years

      Thank you for your comment

      We asked 100 women who are working as dads.
      What are the features of Universe Club?When asked, 80% of women answered that "the quality of male members is good."
      I'm dreaming of the day I see the news.
      From the perspective of male members, I think that "a club where high-quality female members gather is good."
      If this is a used car dealer, it would be fine to say "I want to buy at a shop where good quality used cars gather",
      In the matching industry,
      A club with quality women = a club with quality men = a club with quality staff
      I think it will be an equation.
      I think that it is a long-term measure that focuses on the essence of the club.I'm really sorry if the result is wrong.

  24. It seems that many men are against the risk of getting a bad evaluation, but I am against it for another reason.
    It seems that this system only has in mind the heavy users who set up with a large number of women one after another.
    2 stars or less ≒ dirty messy image, 4 stars or more ≒ clean messy image.
    Men with a small number of offers may not be able to recover if they are unfairly rated low, but even if they are rated high, they are considered heavy users as described above, and some women For those who are hoping for it) I think they will be shunned on the contrary.
    I rather shy away from women with 4 stars or higher, thinking that they probably already have a lot of dads, but I think there are quite a few people like me.
    So even under the current system, being given 4 or more stars is not necessarily a plus for women.
    In the end, the only things that can be gained from this are men who want to devour women who are sure to get fucked one after another, and women who want to be devoured under good conditions.
    Even if I get a high rating from a woman, I want it to stay at 3 stars.
    Well, for the club, rather than being in a long-term relationship, I understand that a heavy user who repeatedly matches and a woman who keeps receiving offers without making a specific daddy and withdrawing forever will be more profitable.
    I think it's going against the trend of not telling the number of matches to the other party, and stopping the display of the number of registered favorites in order to make it impossible to know whether it is popular or not.

    1. Duke

      Thank you for your comment
      You are right.
      When XNUMX stars are attached, the shadow of "the man who gave that rating" is added
      In addition,
      ★★★★★ When you are considered gentlemanly by men and women who are evaluating you, you may feel unnecessary pressure to behave like a gentleman.
      I also feel that these are disadvantages.
      ・Do women shy away from interpreting highly rated men as heavy users?
      I'm pretty skeptical about

      Men want to monopolize the women they like, but women may not care as much as men do.
      I don't think it's easy for a man to appeal to a woman by saying, "This is my first date. I don't know, so please tell me."It may be a little annoying

      1. Since the president has commented one by one, I feel sorry to make it even more time consuming, but it seems that some of them were misunderstood, so I will capture them.
        I don't want to appeal to the innocence of saying, "This is my first date. I don't really understand, so please tell me."
        However, even so, I don't feel good about people thinking, "I keep offering replacements."
        Even if you look at the question box, there are a few female voices saying that they don't want their dad to keep making new offers.
        Women don't care about that, I think it's a good idea to lump it all together.
        I do not object to giving low stars to problem members for improvement or dismissal.
        What I want to say is that I don't want to display 4 or 5 stars even if I receive a good evaluation.
        If you would like to see it, please do so.
        Also, if the star is below the average, I think it's okay to display it for the other party regardless of the person's wishes.
        However, if you receive a rating above average and you do not want to display it, there is an option to hide it (or just display "Not less than 2 stars" and do not display up to one of 3, 4, or 5 stars) Isn't it fine?
        Is it necessary to force a good member to make a display that the person dislikes?

        1. Excuse me for sidetracking.
          I understand how you feel, but I think it's probably as Mr. Kida said, women aren't as particular about it as men.If you really don't like it, why don't you put a sentence like "I don't have a specific woman at the time of XX" on the self-introduction page?You can update your comments at any time.

        2. Yes, you are right. .
          Of course, I should be able to fulfill my wish to not raise the number of stars and leave it at 3.
          Many people may choose that option.
          However, I can't imagine that the function can be put in simply.We will implement it in the future

  25. I basically agree with male evaluation, but I would like the evaluation criteria to be a little clearer and easier to understand. ★I think 5 is too rough.

    I've heard a lot of women's stories, but it seems certain that there are many vicious men.I think it's terrible that she can say anything to a woman because she's paying.On the other hand, there are women who lie, so I think men should answer the questionnaire strictly.I'm sure there were some women who received bad feedback and lost ★.The people who participate here are managers, executives of companies, entrepreneurs, etc., so I think the results will be good even if they don't care much about evaluation.

  26. People who can afford it don't get upset by their own evaluation! !If by any chance you find it difficult to invite, that's because there are many other sites, so that's fine.

  27. Currently, there is no merit to send feedback.

    There are branches that give comments on feedback, but the bigger branches (especially the Tokyo branch) get no response when I send feedback, and I feel like I'm just wasting my time.

    It says, ``In the future, we plan to have a system where you will always be asked to send a date evaluation every time.'' I think you should consider it.

  28. I don't want you to give me a high rating or a low rating!
    I have made many offers over the years and have been set up, but I do not want to be seen as offering many offers to new partners.
    It's hard to get your rating up, and it's hard to go down!
    Instead of publishing the evaluation to women, set a penalty system,
    I think that male members with low evaluation should be penalized with an extra setting fee.
    For example,
    2 males x1.1
    1 males x1.2
    Men's rewards of 4 or more are given points at the time of continuation of the year.

  29. I don't want you to give me a high rating or a low rating!
    I have made many offers over the years and have been set up, but I do not want to be seen as offering many offers to new partners.
    It's hard to get your rating up, and it's hard to go down!
    Instead of publishing the evaluation to women, set a penalty system,
    I think that male members with low evaluation should be penalized with an extra setting fee.
    For example,
    2 males x1.1
    1 males x1.2
    Men's rewards of 4 or more are given points at the time of continuation of the year.

  30. It's fine to receive evaluations, but since it will be announced to women, it seems to be a problem that it seems that many offers are being made.I think it would be better to limit the part that is made public to women.
    I think that only malicious matters such as not paying transportation expenses or asking for more than a dating type should be made public.I don't think it's going to be a situation like slander or flames.
    Therefore, I think it would be good to display reviews from women on a page that only men can check.
    I think it would be best to have a two-step method where you decide whether or not to disclose to women, based on how they would be evaluated if you proceeded without disclosing it.

  31. The woman who was told to have a false profile (Prostitute, Papa Katsu Pro) came out with a sudden change in attitude after I declined the relationship.When I met the cosmetics clerk, she was the hostess who had sat there before.The girl at the esthetic salon is an acquaintance of a soap lady (I thought she looked a lot like her).
    It seems that many of the girls with fake profiles have a star (because they respond quickly to clubs and it is only natural that they can date many people on the same day).Are male members looking for prostitutes with many nominations?
    Half of the C type students were actually A or B, but due to lack of explanation and guidance from the club, they were C (even though they were virgins, they were C).I'm so sorry.Isn't that kind of child a victim?
    I think that ★★ or ★★★ is a general working woman.
    Incidentally.It's a setting time, but if you don't say XNUMX to XNUMX hours instead of XNUMX hours, men can finish it, but women seem to be in pain.
    Even women's ★ are in this situation, but what do you think about the evaluation of men?
    A serious and quiet woman who is liked by male members does not complain.just withdraw.
    If you use the complaints of the threaded woman as your evaluation criteria, please mark my evaluation as none.

  32. Pros and cons It seems that there are various opinions, but I am against the evaluation system for men.
    I even think it would be better to remove star ratings for women.
    The management side should know the evaluation of each male and female member.
    (Ideally, both men and women who have a bad evaluation should be in a state where they cannot operate.)

    First of all, as with any industry, for some annoying customers and complaint customers
    I don't think we should make any sacrifices to the majority of our loyal customers,
    I think it's healthier for both men and women to crack down on some annoying customers on the management side.

    And what is the environment in which points are scored?
    Doesn't it only work in "high-level human-built environments"?
    Excellent grounding is required on the side of evaluating something, such as intelligence, ethics, and judgment.
    The bad reviews on Amazon and Tabelog are good examples.
    Emotional evaluation without intelligence becomes noise and harms a healthy audience.

    Finally, if we aim for gender equality,
    I think that along with tightening the crackdown on men, strict measures will be necessary for women as well.
    For both men and women, cancellation on the day, slander, unreasonable complaints, etc.
    I think that fines and expulsion measures should be considered.

    In particular, there is a problem with the customer base, such as free registration for women and no maintenance fee.
    I think that there is no other choice but to say that it is an outrage to make the customer base score.
    (Generally, it is said that the free layer has lower customer quality.)

    I sincerely hope that the management side will operate strictly.

  33. I'm in my XNUMX's.
    We offered XNUMX people this year and a similar number last year.There were XNUMX people who probably declined the offer because of their age.Of the people I met, there were about XNUMX people who did not ask me to hang out after the meal, and none of them had a relationship after that.
    If you don't want it, or if you find out that the other person wants to be with you, I'm careful to bring back a lot of souvenirs.I never do stupid things like touching you during meals.The support amount is probably about twice the market price, depending on the situation of the other party.Currently, there are XNUMX people who receive date invitations from their partners every month.Female college students are generally difficult.There were people who only asked for transportation and meals, and there were people who seemed to have finished early on the way.I reported it to the club, but I was released shortly after.When I find someone that I would like to meet, I check the introductory articles and videos on the website many times to refine my ability to find a good match.Consider how much you can trust the content of the introduction article of the staff.Also, carefully check the photos and see if you really have an F cup while referring to the height and weight data.Furthermore, although we are careful not to cause trouble that will linger in the future, there are times when we fail.If you think that you have been defrauded of a large amount of money, depending on the content, you are taking action to counterattack without hesitation. In one case, we asked the police to investigate.In the worst case, I may be causing trouble for the club without my knowledge.Right now I'm thinking about quitting my club life.Member star ratings are not very welcome. 

    1. Dear Anonymous, Thank you for your valuable comment.We are also 70.I enjoyed Mr. Universe as it was.Right now I'm thinking about quitting my club life.Member star ratings are not very welcome.I feel that Mr. Universe's system is too worldly.Either quit now, or wait until the day you stop getting offers, or let it happen.Even for a moment, I will return to my youth and make it a memory of a fleeting dream and a journey of death that will soon come.Please excuse me if this is too serious.Mr. Universe was a good system.I feel like I'm being strangled.Invective?

  34. I'm sorry for the continuous commenting.
    As expected, this problem is a little worrisome like everyone else, so I will make a supplementary comment.
    I always admire the sincere management of the club.

    Regarding star ratings, since there is no absolute standard for people's ratings,
    I think the question is whether it works in the first place.

    If it is a product, 5 stars is only a great evaluation, but if it is a person
    It can be interpreted as "five stars = many friendships" for both men and women.
    I'm sure there are people who don't like it.
    It seems that it can be said that the evaluation system has not been established in the first place, saying that "three stars are safe".

    In that sense, the man who got 5 stars intentionally canceled on the day, etc.
    I wonder if there will be a situation where I try to lower the rating to about 3 stars which is safe...

    After all, I think that the problem of evaluation should be managed by the management side, not the customer side.

    The recent social situation is finally becoming like that, such as the thorough elimination of annoying customers and problem customers,
    I think the law that sales increase by thoroughly eliminating complaints is true.

    self-centered, arrogant, hyper-sensitive, hysterical, money- and power-savvy,
    There are various types of people, such as those who try to haggle, those who do not pay, and those who are loose in their promises.
    It's very strange that shutting it down makes everything start working fine
    I am also a manager, so I really feel it.

    All over the world, the majority of our customers are sincere and sincere people.
    It may be natural that it will go around well if it becomes only those people.

  35. First of all, we male members are indebted to your club, and we are grateful to the staff for doing their best to carry out the work of intermediary communication that takes time and effort every day in setting up.

    However, I was sent information through an e-mail magazine and was led to a thread like this, which is my honest impression, but your club's management planning team is willing to take it seriously so that we male members can be pleasantly entertained. Is it?

    All the male members here have income and assets, and based on that, they have social status and prestige.These are the people who have spent their lives strategically in their own way to form these economic foundations.

    Since we're dealing with such people, if you're going to be cunning, please let us play comfortably so that your intentions and intentions won't be revealed.Please feel free to spend your money
    Isn't that a win for everything?

    Regarding the addition of this evaluation system, if male and female members, staff, and three sides bring up happiness and mutual benefit, I felt, "Is your club's management policy and operation policy (skeptical) okay?" (with skepticism) Will we, the male members, really be entertained in the future?”

    In the first place, the premise is as described in Article XNUMX, Paragraph XNUMX of the terms, and we agreed to your club's terms when joining, so we do not have the right to refuse this system change. .
    Is your marketing aimed at improving the quality of women, using pretexts, and wanting to see the reactions of male members rather than hearing them?
    Originally, I don't think male members who have a history of saying and doing things that can lower their evaluation from women will not dare to object or reply in this thread, so I don't even know why they said or acted like they hurt women. That's not to say.
    In the first place, there is no hearing from the customer about these system changes. I think it's in a state of being.

    So what's the point of this thread?Do you dare to appeal with good intentions?
    Your club is a system where male members spend money, and they will not change even if the evaluation system is introduced, and it is not a change in the system where male members can rationally judge material rewards in terms of monetary value, right?

    How much and on what basis are male members merited?
    As far as President Kida's reply is concerned, it is nothing more than wishful thinking, saying, "In the future, if it is ..., then it will be ..., and as a result, there will probably be benefits for men." .It is unclear whether these answers are honest answers based on good intentions, strategies, or acting.However, it is not an answer as it is answered.Such an answer would be ridiculed as an explanation that mentions responsibility for shareholders' meetings and creditors.

    Than that
    The act of inciting papa activity in a group line for information exchange between female members (the staff on the club side seems to handle a specific influencer and deliberately agitate) The result is that between women in that group line Rather than a battle of exposing allowances (from men) with careless intentions that cannot confirm the truth or falsehood of this, unless you think of a certain measure to deal with the fact that the market price of allowances is being raised without a winner, these are In the future, won't it just lead to an inflationary spiral of allowances that are not commensurate with the value of women and lead to a decline in the repeat rate of male members?

    What should be done is not a hearing about system improvement, nor an exorcism for male members.That's easy to induce, isn't it?

    Isn't the priority issue to eliminate the inflationary spiral of allowances caused by misunderstood women?
    According to Mr. Kida's theory, unreasonable and unreasonable requests for allowances and claims should not be paid.It is natural in the first place.
    However, male members will pay if the benefits are worth the women, even if the benefits skyrocket.
    Because male members end up paying more or less.I accepted that it is a system that can not be enjoyed unless I pay, so I joined.

    However, the female side does not understand herself and trains women to claim for reasons such as "I heard how much I received from the female group's Line. I also..." What are you going to do with it?
    For this reason, asking for allowances and refusing to be requested is the limit even if it is a gentleman, and the conclusion is that it is the club that should be determined by scrutinizing the quality of the women in the club.

    The cost of securing premier female members is 10, but what is it?What do you mean by disclosing the cost?
    Men who have been members for several years feel the limit of your club's media advertisement-biased solicitation of women. If you look at the increase report, you can understand it easily.And it is also noticeable that the rank of each woman has dropped.

    Still, understanding male members think of both their own interests and the club's interests, and ask for setting with gratitude and feelings.

    I'm going to improve the system, but it's good.However, please do not misjudge the future so that you can play comfortably.

    Once again, please take good care of the male members and let them play comfortably.Please feel free to spend your money.

    Whether you're a gentleman, an old man, a beast, or a pervert, in the end, you'll end up paying out of greed.

    Sorry for the long sentence.

  36. I have read your comments with great interest.I was relieved that there were many sensible adult members.
    Touching the body while eating, not using contraception, etc. are out of the question.You should withdraw immediately.
    You should draw a line with customs.All the men who are members will be able to understand it.
    A woman's lies are ingrained in her life experience.I understand the efforts and limitations of the staff.
    I agree with the male member star. If you receive XNUMX⭐️, I will make it a medal.
    It is okay to refuse a woman who is shunned.I would like to know her evaluation of myself.
    However, as someone said, humble women will leave without saying anything.
    I would like to become a more popular old man with the opinions of women. ⭐️ If it's XNUMX, I will withdraw.
    I can do my best in both work and life because I have Universe Club.

  37. Everyone,

    Thank you for your sincere opinion.
    Your opinion is a treasure to me.
    From here on, it will be an excuse without evidence,
    Since 2015, there has been a project called the male and female member deviation system.
    This measure is the result of seven years of verification.
    We also conducted a one-year verification of numerical values ​​in anticipation of this change.
    Members may have been able to use it comfortably if they didn't do anything.
    People say the iPhone 8 was good and the 13 was shit, but no one wants to use an older model.
    In the future, I would like to charge for female members, and I will soon be able to make a message about how wonderful it is.
    We plan to improve the display speed of the entire member site after 11/24.
    Currently, we are analyzing the setting history data, and we would like to improve the accuracy of the encounter, but there is also the fact that we cannot analyze without data on how it was after the date.
    Google has become the world champion by developing an algorithm that determines whether search results are appropriate for users for search words.

    Universe will continue to make efforts to maximize date results and satisfaction for date applications.

    sorry i can't reply individually

  38. Good news for men in the comments introducing a new woman.The woman is a woman who seriously fell in love with a 60-year-old in a past dad activity.It's God,, there was a post like this.There are other articles that I'm curious about, but is there something wrong with young women falling in love with people over the age of XNUMX?Rather, I thought it was your company's job to mediate it.Thank you dads for getting to know young women.I think that there is such an idea in Universe Club.I felt that this was the idea behind the evaluation of men.

  39. I have been in a dating club for a long time, and I think that the system in which the customer = the person who pays is evaluated is novel, but I basically disagree with the opinion of the person who pays.I'm not really interested in whether my opinion is correct or not, but I'm interested in the fact that there are many people who have opposing opinions, even those who seem to be relatively "right". I think that's the point.
    However, in today's society, there are situations where the decency of the "customer" = the person who pays and the person who receives the service is questioned.Differentiating and selecting customers may be unavoidable in order to protect female members, who are in a delicate position, even if it means losing the "customers" they have had thus far. .Even if you lose "existing" customers who don't like such a system, if you can get more "new" customers, that's fine.

  40. It's a little more specific, but from my experience, it seems that there are people who don't mind showing their personal pages despite being told by the club not to show their introduction pages to women. (I heard it from a woman.)
    So for example

    2020/11 Changed to star ○ based on evaluation rules.

    Is it possible to remove the month from the notation?
    I thought that would prevent retaliation because it would be difficult to identify who made the evaluation.The idiots won't disappear soon, so at least as a defense...

  41. I joined and met with 10 people, but only one person could not communicate with me.It's just that the relationship with me didn't go well, and the woman itself was an attractive person, so I replied to the questionnaire with a high rating. I was able to communicate well with 1 people.It's not completely accurate based on my own judgment, but if I approach it with a normal gentlemanly attitude, I don't think the low rating will outperform.Even if I think I was able to communicate with myself, I can laugh if there are many low evaluations (crying).At that time, I will decide that she is not suitable for the club and withdraw.In the future, men will also be able to check their own evaluations, so I'd like to see it soon.

    1. I think it is wonderful that President Kida has a policy of listening to customers' opinions and trying to make improvements, and that he is implementing it.
      At our company, new graduates start from the 1st grade and train human resources so that they can reach the 30th grade at the age of 4.
      Do you like or dislike 1st grade people who have poor eyesight to evaluate others?Are you comfortable or uncomfortable?Loss or gain?It is infinitely close to the thinking of a child.
      If I were in charge of managing the universe, I would first introduce a grading system to the universe, and those who are grade 3 or above would call the women and use a coaching method to get their true feelings out. "Training for popularity" We will create a training where you can study relationships with women under the title of special training for two days.
      I've been picking up women since I was a student, so I'm used to dealing with women, but isn't there a lot of people who aren't? ?Also, I feel that people who have never been in sales are basically bad at socializing, while those who have succeeded in sales are good.
      ★Let's change to nurture instead of throwing away bad members.

  42. This is a question about evaluation of women.Are ratings based solely on first date feedback?I thought that the first date went well and the evaluation was high, but the second date was canceled at the last minute (skipped) without permission, and I had a painful experience.I reported it to the club, but it was not reflected in the evaluation at all.If it's been a few months since you've been dating, you can put it in a separate frame as an issue between the parties, but I can't believe a woman who skips the first date after meeting for the first time, and I can't help but say that her manners are the worst.I would appreciate it if you could post even a little correct evaluation and comments for the male members and for the female members to reflect.

  43. Postscript.
    Paters, a dating app, requires members to present a date promise screen such as a line as evidence when reporting a skipped complaint.

  44. Actually, I didn't know for a while that the evaluation system for male members had started.I think that it is good in the sense of maintaining the discipline of the club.Of course, I think that there are times when we wear cats on each other.That's why I judge the other person on the second date.So, as a request, I think it would be good to have an evaluation at the stage when both of us have evaluated each other, or two weeks after the date of the date.It's better to have fun with each other even if it's a pseudo date.If you just want to be satisfied with yourself, then customs are the way to go.

  45. In Mr. Kida's comment, there is a comment to the effect that I would like men with negative evaluations to think that there is room for improvement if they do so a few times.
    By the way, can I check my evaluation each time, or when will I be able to check it?
    Without this feedback, it's likely that you won't be given time to improve, and you'll find yourself getting notices of cancellation before you know it.

    1. Dear Anonymous

      Thank you for your question.
      My name is Naoki Yoshida, Senior Manager of Customer Success.

      I'm sorry.
      Currently, there is no way to check the evaluation by yourself on the member site.
      If you contact the coordinator, we will not be able to tell you the contents of FB word by word, but we will tell you the trends and current evaluation points so far.

      In addition, you will not receive a sudden notice of forced withdrawal, and a warning email will be sent from the system when the accumulated evaluation points are one step before the forced withdrawal.
      If you haven't received the warning email, please don't worry.

      However, regarding system mail, especially mobile carrier mail, there are many cases where it is sorted into the spam folder by default, so if you are unsure, please contact us.

  46. Looking at the posts of "Voices from members", I think that the evaluation system for male members is also unavoidable. "Voices from female members" includes impressions of male members
    Excessive lateness, no birth control, sexual harassment, moral harassment, non-payment of transportation expenses, or an extremely small amount of money, coming drunk, talking loudly about daddy at a bar, etc. If these things happen in a row, the female member will quit. I think.
    When I read "Voices from female members", I can nod that most of them are.

    If you read "Voices from male members", it is certainly written about rude female members.There are also comments that make me feel glad that I didn't hit such a female member.I made dozens of offers and two of them made me feel uncomfortable.
    But on the other hand, it also writes things that make you want to scratch your head.

    ← Super cheap

    I wasn't the type, so we broke up in a short time, but I paid for the transportation expenses.

    It was C, but I couldn't get into an adult relationship, so it's a scam ← It's fine when we meet next time

    ← I’m older than you, so listen to me

    When I said 5 in adult dating negotiations, it was rejected ← If so, give me a few more

    This is the poor quality of male members.Is the male member a little stingy or does not have much leeway,
    Speaking of which, some people said that the club recommends 5,000 yen or more for meals, and 50,000 yen or more for adults, but I think 5,000 yen for meals is too cheap.If the meal is at least 20,000 yen, it will be cheaper than the cabaret club.
    Now, if you go to a cabaret club and nominate it for 2 hours, it's over 30,000 yen (unless you let the girl drink only water).
    When you think about it, if it's 50,000 yen for an adult relationship, I'm really sorry for the female members.

    Also, if you want to do it cheaply and easily, I think you should go to a sex club normally.

    As for the evaluation system, I myself am not a male member who would be highly evaluated, so I am not very happy about it, but it might be a good way to guide misunderstood male members.

    1. After all, it is not possible for male members to check how many stars they have from their profile page.
      The other day, when I had a conversation with a woman who had me set up, I brought up the evaluation function for men, but she said she didn't know about it.

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