Will you be restrained?

Happy New Year everyone.
A few days have passed since the New Year.

How have you all been spending the new year's holiday?
I received Kato as a Christmas present"Yogibo"buried in sloppyI spent my days

I know that some of you have it,
It is a beast cushion that ruins a very wonderful person.

The best days were
like this nowBlogI am writing

Changing the subject,Declaration of emergency.

I was sent out again...
In the midst of such a difficult situation,
Thank you to all the members who apply for offers and come to interviews every day.

Now, in this situation, I wonder if
A meeting place after all.

We also receive reports from male members that they can't choose a restaurant at the last minute due to self-restraint or shortened working hours.

So this time, we are thinking about shortening business hours,
Enjoy lunch in a private room around YokohamaDining roomI would like to introduce some of them.

【Japanese meal】
Japanese cuisine Konohana

【Meat dish】
Teppanyaki Dining Chikita Yokohama West Exit


Mikuni Yokohama

If you search online, you will find many shops.
I was able to choose from a few.
I can't guarantee if I can get a reservation right now lol

Regarding other areas, I believe that other branch staff will be able to post, so please excuse me!

Thank you for your continued support of the Universe Club this year.

Kanto UNIT Yokohama Branch Kazuma Kato

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