aesthetics of the passing

The popular group Arashi's suspension of activities is a hot topic,
I rushed out of the Johnny's office to see the five members' press conference
I feel sorry for the circumstances of the three former SMAP members.
I just think I wasn't blessed with a leader...
This is Masateru Mine from Universe Club Osaka Branch.

The cold days continue, but spring is coming soon!
Spring is the season of graduation and transfers.
It's a heart-pounding season where encounters and partings intersect.

It's very important to say goodbye
When it comes to complaints about a universal “breakup” from a woman…

``I finally got the transportation fee after asking for it from here.''
I still see it occasionally, "I didn't get the transportation fee after all!"
"I thought he was a good person and went to his room, but I thought something was wrong!
It was stolen..." There is also...
Why do you take pictures like that?It's a crime.It's Masashi Tashiro!

After that, when the date is over and the man sends the woman by car in favor.
"Drunk driving" by drinking a lot of alcohol this may be it! ?
It's an unpleasant guy who will be discovered later by a woman's accusation.
This is because the person riding it will be equally guilty.

Women are also women, "No greetings even if you have a feast!"
"I promised to meet you at the end, but I didn't hear back!"
If you don't want to meet, just say no!
"After a painful personal consultation, as a future relationship
As soon as you pay the advance payment, there is also a "no contact"
In a way, it's like "help daddy scam"!
It's the same as the "I'm here" scam... The "International Romance Scam" that is currently a topic
It's a method...

We also ask men to join us
"Always be a gentleman!"
Even if you are in a good mood, small actions
It leads to a wasteful ending that causes misunderstandings.

I also want to tell the female members...
"Don't make promises you can't keep!"
This is also a dating type scam.
I don't want you to date with an easy feeling even though you're not prepared.

If the relationship has progressed to some extent, it will fade out
It may be "Yes", but both of them are in the same way
Feeling cold like a proportional graph
I don't think so.
So for the sake of those who are waiting, it's also a good idea to say goodbye
Isn't it the love that makes the other person go to new encounters?I think.

By the way, the way a certain male member broke up was spectacular,
If you've been dating for a long time, but the woman comes to you too much and it's annoying
The member... seems to send an email in the name of his wife! ?
"Thank you for always being nice to me.
I'm sorry I don't remember who you are.
I am sending you an email again.
My husband is currently in the ICU (intensive care unit).
If you don't mind, please show me your energetic face. From ○○'s wife...』

As expected, this is a girl "Gyo!"
I'm sure you can get away with it, but if you look at the woman who was sent,
It's not a pile of things... it's a surprise.
However, it may be correct in the sense that it makes the other person forget about themselves neatly.
(For the time being, men, after consent, I introduced the method of farewell)

By the way, Mine also took care of me for 3 years.
I have decided to leave the Universe Club.
To be honest, I've been working happily every day, so I'm full of loneliness.

"My Universe Club is forever immortal!"

"The limit of physical strength... (Man crying) I'm running out of energy..." (I still have a lot of physical strength and energy)

"Ah~ happy dragonfly~ where are you~♪"

"I want to go back to being a normal boy."

"What will happen if I go down this road..." (Inoki says so...)

"Mine, even if you die, the universe will not die!" (I don't want to die!)

In order to think about retirement words, I thought I would conclude with a quote from a great man in the past.
It didn't feel right because I'm not a great person at all.

However, starting with the male and female members who have been indebted so far, Mr. Kida and Mr. Matsuzaka.
To other seniors and staff
From the bottom of my heart, "Thank you for your help!"

Hopefully, all the women and men who have been interviewed so far
I want to gather and talk about the memories of that time while drinking sake all night long!
In particular, Mr. A, who made two last-minute cancellations, was so charming.
Mr. M, who cheated on dating type, Mr. H, who was studying hard, etc...
I hope everyone is doing well...

I definitely want to return as a male member this time!

We wish you all the best in your future endeavors and happiness.
Thank you very much for everything!

Masateru Mine

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