Troubleshooting at the time of re-shooting...

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This is Mano from Universe Club Osaka Branch.

Coat season has arrived!
I was caught in the morning rush hour and had to go to work by the time I got off the train.
Are you sweating these days?

Recently, there are many reservations for re-shooting photos, so
You can ask various stories from women who have been registered once.

At that time, the content to be consulted by women is …
I met the man you introduced me to two or three times.
There are many contents that do not continue after that.

As a result, good relationships do not continue,
I'm going to have to come back to take a picture again, but...

Why did you lose contact? .. and ask,
After meeting, he said, "Thank you for today! It was a fun time!
Hope to see you again! ”, I seem to put a thank you e-mail,
In response to that, I got a reply from a man,
I want to meet you, even at the timing of
I don't know how to contact you... (><)

Also, I haven't heard from the man since then, so when I contact him,
It's like saying "I want to see you" = "pocket money",
When I think too much, it's hard for me to contact him..
It seems that I will refrain from it.

But even from men...
I often hear the story, "That girl was good, but she didn't reply."
At times like that, I'm a man
“After a long time, aren’t you casually contacting the woman to ask how she’s doing?”
When asked,
"No! I wonder if I don't want to see you anymore if I don't contact you?"

Aside from the case that the feeling really did not match,
I feel like there are two people who are taking care of each other somewhere.
So, why don't you be brave and try to contact women positively once or twice?
I'm sure there are some men who would be very pleased with it♪

Even if you don't get a reply or say "I'm sorry I can't see you anymore",
Isn't it good to have one delimiter?
I think it's a good idea to check before proceeding.

Today, a pretty lady-like woman in her twenties came to the interview.
It's my first time in a dating club and I'm really nervous...
She was a simple, pure and innocent woman, so I recommend her.
After all, it's good to be honest and cute ♪
I think this is the same everywhere (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡
(* The photo has nothing to do with this article)

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