Advantages and disadvantages of recapture

Thank you for all your continued patronage.
This is Fukunaga from Universe Club Osaka Branch.

This time, I would like to write about the advantages and disadvantages of re-shooting for female members.

What is retake

First of all, reshooting means coming to the office to retake photos and videos and update your profile.

what timeAbout 30 minutes.

We will contact you at the timing of confirming your intention to continue once every six months.
If we receive a request from a female member, we will accept it at the Osaka branch as long as the reservations do not overlap.

When is it time to reshoot?

The timing is up to female members, but the image often changes after half a year, so please come once every six months.
Also, even if it hasn't been half a year, if there is a change in appearance such as a change in hairstyle, body shape, or plastic surgery,
We recommend that you visit us when you are having trouble getting an offer.

Advantage XNUMX: Listed on the top screen

I think that the advantage is that it is easier to get an offer because the photo turns into something cute.
That's not a mistake either, but I think the biggest advantage of reshooting isdisplayed on the top screenIt is that.

Female members are basically listed on the member page in the order in which they joined,
You can increase the display rank by taking a retake.
It is easy to understand if you think about it when you search for something on the Internet.
Being on the first page is overwhelmingly more noticeable.

Advantage XNUMX: A highly credible introduction page is completed

Changes in the looks and descriptions of female members (feelings about relationship types, content talked about in videos, occupations, etc.)
I think it's possible over time.
However, men are judged whether they will be offered based on their appearance at the time of the photo shoot and the content of the description.
It's a harsh way of saying it, but if there's a difference between what's written and what you actually see, you'll be disappointed.

If you haven't updated your profile at that time, you have no intention of lying or cheating.
"Different from what is listed"It is thought that it will not be a good date.

Before I make an offer, I sometimes receive a consultation from a man,
If the update date of the photo and profile content is relatively recent, there is little possibility that it has changed since then.
The staff is also easy to recommend to men.

Disadvantages: Deterioration of relationship with continuing men

When a female member comes to reshoot or updates the calendar,

"Are you looking for another daddy?"It seems that there are a few men who send the contents.

If your priority is the relationship with the man you want to monopolizerecessis recommended.

If the man who continues to associate with you understands this,There are almost no disadvantages of re-shootingBecause,
Please feel free to contact our branches.


You can also improve your ranking by re-shooting.
In addition, you can make an offer after knowing the latest information, so you can reduce the gap when you actually meet.
Women who are dating men who want to monopolize need to be careful.

to men

The club asks you to come back for a reshoot once every six months,
Re-shooting = It is not necessarily the case that the woman asked for an offer and requested it, and there are cases where the club insists and reluctantly asks for it, so I would appreciate your understanding in advance.

To male and female members

Thank you very much for your help this year as well.
Thanks to the male and female members who have registered, we have managed to do it.
I will do my best to provide good encounters even if I am immature,
We hope to see you next year.

Universe Club Osaka Branch
Ryota Fukunaga

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