What is the best way to say goodbye?

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Now that you have successfully set up a date with me, we have developed a relationship.How to say goodbyeI have a question about.
Since it's a relationship between a man and a woman, I think there are various patterns, such as amicable breakups, loss of contact, and fights.
The following is a question that was previously asked by a male member.

From a girl I've been friends with for two years,
"I hate you. It was really painful to meet you. Thank you for the worst time” came the line.
I got tired of it, so I released it for some random reason, and it was a line of resentment.
I was surprised because when I met her, she was a really nice girl.
I thought I was lucky to be dating such a good girl, but it seems that the other person was different.
There was a longer sentence expressing resentment, but I don't really understand what was wrong with me.
I was also referred to as ``an insensitive old man who has no consideration for other people's feelings.''
She used a lot of abusive language that I couldn't imagine from her impression of being a nice girl when I actually met her.
I'm in emotional shock. What was wrong with me?

We received a lot of responses, so we'll pass on everyone's opinions here.

I don't know what kind of relationship the above couple had,
Personally, I wish he had expressed his farewell in a softer tone (text).
It may be a silly thing to say, but we have gained a lot of experience by being together.
I wish he would have shown the ability to express his gratitude toward the other person towards the end.
Or maybe she didn't want to break up with him at all, and the woman's evil spirit was at play.
Or maybe the man's initial message was too shocking.

In any case, I would like you to include a thank you note for the date and a reason why you won't be able to meet again.
I think it will be helpful for those who have been dumped as well next time. . .
If you think about it, is the lack of communication a precaution to avoid hurting the other person? This is a story that has me thinking about a lot of things these days.

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