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The title is just my personal impression (laughs)
Sorry for fishing m(_ _)m

Pollen, fear time has come to the new corona virus. .
I'm still afraid of the flu (TT)
Ladies and gentlemen, are the measures perfect?

I use a mask to shut off the virus, wash my hands and gargle without fail.

To myself,
Buying up, reselling, seriously annoying.
For those who really don't have and need it, I'm secretly determined not to do such an act!

A resale site...
I found a mask for sale.
In the description,
I think that it is difficult to obtainOffer cheaplyTo do

5 yen for 1,000 masks (divided into small boxes)

"teeth? ○ Yes. 』I feel like.

Recently, the government has been urging us to refrain from doing so, so maybe a little?I feel like I've become more self-restrained, but...

Okay, so much for complaining!

As I wrote in the title,
Oh my God!Oh my God!Oh my God! ! ! ! !
Online dating has started at Universe Club!

Kita ━━━━ (゚ ∀ ゚) ━━━━ !!

・ I'm afraid of the new virus
・I want to talk easily first
・I'm worried about a woman who lives far away, but if I fail to invite her on a date, I'll regret it
・ Setting fee is half price

I think there are various reasons
Log in when you specify the date and time!Konichiha from!
The staff will disturb the two of you for a little while at the beginning, but don't worry, they will disappear as soon as you finish greeting them!

Campaign details ↓↓↓

online dating campaign

I would appreciate it if you could try a new attempt on this occasion.

Radio waves are important like the image (laughs)

Thank you very much for reading to the end m(_ _)m

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