my responsibility...

Thank you for all your continued patronage.
This is imai from the field sales unit.

Lately, I've been having more and more stiff shoulders and lower back pain, probably because I spend more time staring at the computer screen.
Everyone is also affected by telework etc.
"My body is screaming while sitting on a chair...!"
What do you mean?

Today (?) is about a massage shop that Imai has been going to for 4 years.
*This is not a corporate project.

She has been in charge of Imai since the first time I went to the store.
There is an Oba-chan staff in her 50s called "Sae-san".
I call her Oba-chan, but she is surprisingly youthful.

This old lady was originally meRelaxation < slimming purposeSince I started going to
Every time I go to the store, I can sayI will attack Zutaboro.(Lol)

"Wow~ Saki-chan! Did you get fat without even looking at me?! I knew it~! You got fat~"
"Hey~! Your posture is bad! That's why this area is clogged and edematous."

Are you my customer?A sloppy attack that doesn't even give you a chance to feel.
A talk without any social etiquette that an older sister who works at a major beauty salon would never say.

Of course, I've been going there for 4 years, so there are times when I'm really serious about it,
I think Sae was like this from the beginning (laughs)

But Imai really wants to improve his style!because I think
I am grateful for the whip of love that seriously confronts my troubles and scolds me when I try to slacken.
It was "Sae-san" that exactly met my needs.three-legged styleSuch you.

Because it is a small shop with only two staff including the manager,
Even if I make a reservation request for the next time on LINE, I often get a reply the next day or 3 days later.
I still keep going
Sae's Solid technologygreat confidence .

To be honest, I think it's safe to leave Imai's body makeup to Sae-san.
I trust you so much.

Organizational structure change in FebruarySince then, I have been assigned to the field sales team.
“High-quality communication that only FS can provide”
“What should we do as a FS to satisfy our members?”
In Imai's head, the above words go round and round every day.

I think it would be good to increase the number of staff who are close to the members in a good way, like my "Sae-san".

“Dear ○○, have you seen the recently uploaded △△? Would you like to call me now?!”
How annoyingly, I got a call,
"Date clothes, if you look like this, you might be more popular~!"
And so on, sometimes you may say something meddlesome.

But one year after we started working together,
"Universe Club is fun"
"I have an ideal relationship"
"I used to think I liked the easy-going type, but when Mr. ■■ told me to offer him a lively woman, I realized that this type of person actually suits me!"
I would be very happy if you could think of it!

also for that

What kind of relationship do you want to have with your partner?
Only here is a condition that cannot be compromised
What we want to achieve with Universe

I would like to hear more deeply from now on, both men and women.
From now on, would you like to gradually make an assault call or meet again sometime?You may receive a message from the staff saying,
If you don't refuse and share your problems and thoughtsI think.

Let's walk a wonderful universe life together♪

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