Now is the time! !

Thank you for visiting the Universe Club staff blog.
I am Yui Shiina from the Osaka branch.

Big holidays finallyGolden weekIt began!
How is everyone doing?

GWFrom the first day, in the Kanto region(I.e.It seems that it was a rough weather with rain.
It's getting warmer here in Osaka too!I thought it was a fleeting moment, but it was a chilly start.
I've also heard that the flu is re-emerging.
Spring:What isWhat are seasons?There are words that make you think,
Please be careful not to lose your physical condition due to this temperature difference.

This is the timing to change from Heisei to Reiwa.
On the day of the start, I feel like I want to greet you well.


And we are also carrying out this last campaign of Heisei.
Now is the time!

Joint campaign of Universe Club and West Japan Branch,
"West Japan transportation expenses "almost" full refund!Thanksgiving Day for Major Bleeding Service! !"

For details, please click the ↓ link.


For those who do not usually check other branches,
If you take a quick peek, I think you'll be able to enjoy a fresh feeling.
And how about an offer as it is?

I was also looking at other branches in western Japan a while ago, but it was so fresh that my eyes were swimming.
Eh, I wonder if Okinawa is a big shooting place?Oh, there are a lot of people in swimsuits... No, no, Fukuoka tooSwimwearA woman is a sneak peek ....
I feel like there is a color depending on the branch.
At first, I tend to be distracted by the difference in backgrounds, but when I find a woman, it really is a time thief.
By all means, everyone, please be a thief of time.
It's fun just to look at it, so regardless of the offerRecommendedIt is!


Well, what an announcement!Although it has such a content,
The campaign is available until the end of this month (4/30) for offer applicationsIt is.
*Schedule adjustment until 2019.5.31 (Friday)

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
We are looking forward to your last-minute offer♪

There are wonderful women in Osaka, so we are looking forward to hearing from male members of other branches.


Universe Club Osaka Branch
Yui Shiina

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