This is Tetsuaki Segawa, a newcomer to the Osaka branch.

We become indebted to.

My name is Tetsuaki Segawa, and I joined the company in November.

I am growing day by day with the guidance of unique seniors at the Osaka store.

Why did you join Universe Club?
Because I wanted to be a bridge between people.

The most enjoyable part of my job is interviews.
Since I was originally in the camera business, I don't like talking to people and listening to their stories.
I loved it.

I feel happy every day that I can meet various people through interviews and interviews.

My future goal is to catch up with my seniors and be able to do all the work because I have a laid back personality.

My goal for next year's private life is to bring the camera I've longed for
is to travel abroad.
I want to photograph people's lives and architecture in France.

I'm still immature,
I would like to do my best, so please take care of me.

Universe Club
Osaka Branch Tetsuaki Segawa




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