What should I do with 5 points?

Hi, I'm Teratsuji from Nagoya.


What is health?


Thank you all for everything
It would be a big mistake to think that I would write complaints about the company on my blog every time, right? (Insistent)

I wanted to say hello to the male members in my last blog.I remember writing that
After that, I spent about half a month to a month going to see a lot of male members.

There was a male member who willingly agreed to meet with me, and I heard a lot of different stories.

In the name of the woman I interviewed
"splendid!It looks like a perfect match for that male member! 』
When I think about it, I would like to recommend it before uploading it to the member site!I want you to update the preferences of women!It was an invitation to

Rather than such things (although not), the dating feedback from male members was interesting and very helpful.That's what I was talking about.

Let's meet more!I thought
I'm a little tired from going to see you all the time, so now I'm doing my daily work in an air-conditioned office.It's hot, isn't it?


(When it gets a little cooler) I'd like to see you again sometime soon.


It's a matter of course, but after all listening to the voice of the raw,
I realized again that it is important to understand the preferences of male members.


In the conversation, is there any inconvenience caused by changes in the company's system or the staff in charge?I asked.


I don't know who to talk to
Some say they don't know who to contact,
How is it as a staff member?I'm worried because there are places I think.

Then, unexpectedly


'Not at all? 』


There were a lot of members called, and I was disappointed.

Recommended or not,
To a woman who cares about me
Just make an offer at your own timing and go on a date when it's decided.
The staff will coordinate.

There were a lot of people who thought like me.

Oh, exactly what the club is aiming for!

At the same time as I thought, I honestly felt a little sad.

Yes, that's right!
I'll be with you no matter who you ask.

It's a little sad to think that
It would be nice if the adjustment was done by a machine.

But other than the adjustment, it's that staff!Like
I want you to think of the faces of the staff.
I want to do work that makes people feel that way.


Even if your back hurts, you can still return emails!

It's like that.


Well, it looks like it will be fun again from autumn (Niowase Onna)

Everyone, the long summer has just begun.
Don't forget to hydrate.


Ah,I forgot the most important thing.

Right now in the FS7 team (Nagoya/Kobe)
We are holding a friend referral campaign!


I think it's a pretty good campaign, so
Male members in Nagoya and Kobe, I would be grateful if you could introduce about 100 friends who are interested in Universe Club!


We'll be expecting you!

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