There are a lot of ghosts in the Nagoya branch...? ! ? !

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I'm Arai from the Nagoya branch, who likes to sleep with the lights on after watching a horror movie.

Recently, a woman who can see ghosts came to register! !

At first she was a naive woman,
As I listened, I gradually began to see the mysterious part.
Intuitively, if you dig, you will definitely find it.

What are the advantages? → People call me Fushigi-chan, who has changed in both good and bad ways.I have a lot of experience
What are different experiences? →I can see it
What does it mean to be visible? →They are

At that point, all of Arai's interest was taken away.
i want to dig more
Full of such feelings, I hit various questions.

Finally, "By the way, is there a ghost in the Nagoya branch?"
when I hear
"There's a lot of them, they're always asking for help," he said.

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah! ? ! ? ! ? ! ?

I was surprised, but the interview ended as it was. .
It's a pity that I wanted to hear more things.

In conclusion, what I want to say is,
If you have something that you excel at,
catch someone's eye! !about it.

This time it was a woman who was good at the mysterious part,
I fell in love with Arai and became very interested in it.
Of course, I think that it is something that everyone will be addicted to,

Rather than being able to answer mundane things in an interview
Oops, the more eye-catching your answer, the more I want to know more.

There are XNUMX different types of people, so I would like you to reveal more of your individuality during the interview! ! ! ! ! !
I would like to work hard every day so that I can acquire the power to draw out at the same time.

She said the universe full of ghosts Nagoya branch
Thank you for your continued support.

Keito Arai of Universe Nagoya

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