The world's dad activities are in your hands. ―Overseas branches that really existed―

Thank you for visiting the Universe Club blog.
Greetings for the first time,
Universe Club International BranchMy name is Sato Nakazawa.
I'm an inexperienced person who joined the company last summer, but recently I've had a junior for the first time, and I'm having a fun and fresh life every day.

It is very rare for international staff to appear on this Japanese site blog,
Maybe some of you are hearing about international for the first time.


"Eh, did the Universe Club have an overseas branch?"


For those of you who are already familiar with it, please come and meet us again.
I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our international branch!


The international branch (hereinafter referred to as INTER) is a branch that supports domestic and overseas member matching.
As a groupDomestic,Singapore,Taiwanand each has a branch.
Male and female members belong to each branch,
We will support your matching in the same way as our Japanese branches.

Inter branch not only supports foreign members,
In some cases, such as when an interpreter is required between a Japanese member and a foreign member, we will intervene and respond.
English native, Chinese native staff and Japanese staff are struggling every day.
(Including Nakazawa, if you find any staff who are not good at Japanese, I would appreciate it if you would kindly forgive me m(_ _)m)

How recentlySwitzerlandThere is a date offer from (!!), and I feel the real thrill of dad life unique to inter.


This is a Universe service that can be used all over Japan,

★ A wide range of options for male members to set up with foreign women regardless of domestic or overseas.
★ Female members will have more chances to meet foreign fathers.


Benefits such asAttraction of Universe Club with Inter branchIt is!

For male members, I would like to guide you on how to use the Inter branch.
Of course, people living in Japan can offer foreign women,
It is also possible to set up overseas on business trips and travel destinations.
Also, you can invite your favorite child living abroad to Japan and set it up!
Please feel free to contact us when you find a child you care about ♪


In fact,
As for how many female members are registered with the Inter Branch, there are currently 33 of them.

"There are over 7000 women in Japan, but only 33!?"

It's a bit shocking number, but it's not really "only".
The important story starts here!

If you are a male member, you may have seen the detailed list from each branch page on the member site.
Foreign women living in Japan"Inter Branch"It is not a registration of
Female members are registered at each branch according to their area of ​​residence.Because,
The sorting system may be a little confusing, as not all foreign women are registered as "inter-branch".

For example,An American woman living in Osaka"Osaka Branch" registrationbecome,

Japanese women living in Australia"Inter branch" registrationI become.

(In this system, until a little while ago, we used a different way of sorting, so there are still times when staff members don't understand each other...)


So, in fact, there are about 200 foreign women in Japan alone!


* The woman displayed on the "International" page of the member site is
Only female members living overseas regardless of nationality.
Currently, 33 people from all over the world, including Singapore and Taiwan,
There are about 140 registered women abroad.


"I haven't seen it properly until now, but maybe I'm interested in foreign women!"The man who thought!


on the left side of the member site"Foreign women" tabYou can search by selecting , so please try it by all means ♪
At the time of the offer, if you are a woman who needs to speak English, the inter-staff will guide you, but if you are a woman who can communicate in Japanese, the Japan branch staff will handle it.


I'm not interested in foreigners...Unfortunately, there is no branch for those members who have...
maybe, but

With the progress of internationalization these days, since you are using UNIVERSE,
Why don't you take a quick look at the foreign women's page?


In order to provide more and more new encounters in 2020,
We will continue to devote ourselves to the international branch,
Thank you for your continued support.


Sato Nakazawa
Universe Club Intl Group

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