Was there any meaning in the CSFS system and the sudden branch system?

Because, you know, I'm always in a hurry.smile
When did you decide on all the things you didn't know?! ?That's what I think, right, we also have staff.

It's matching 💛 lol

The system is always changing rapidly and adapting to organizational changes more quickly than the staff,
I am Seki from Universe Club.


It's been 0,000,000,000 light-years since my last post, but how are you all doing?

Finally, due to a sudden department transfer, I will be leaving the business on October 10st this year.
A few years after joining the company (I don't remember the details), I thought that I had to see the life of the women's club where I was in charge of interviewing men...
It is no longer possible in the near future.


I feel lonely when I express my personal feelings.
After all, most of the people I have been in charge of are members of the club, even though I respect them as individuals.
I thought it was like a baby who was fed...!


When it comes to girls, everyone involved is my cute and cute children...it was a state 😢

So, I wanted to make sure that each one of them would grow up to adulthood (meet a really nice person of the opposite sex and graduate or move on to looking for a sub)... that's what I really wanted to do.

When I saw the letter of appointment that was no longer on site, I"Garn"I feel like I've been struck in the head by a bell. (It's not New Year's Eve in my head today~~~! ! ! !

What I've been doing since joining the company, from 1 to no, 0, what the hell is my concierge life... I was depressed...! 🥺

However, I can't help but feel depressed... I encouraged myself and thought again, "Well, do what you can do now."

Kyoto business trip 1 night 2 days ~~~~! ! !

I went there~~~~! ! ! ! ! ! !Switching the washers is fast~~~~! ? ! ? !
It's as fast as the type of girl whose personality changes after receiving treatment ~~~~~! ! ! ! !Acha~~~~🥺✨

why did you go on a business trip

Why go on a business trip at a busy time of sudden change?


① I wanted to thank my team members (Kansai) by looking at their faces.

②Because there was a member I wanted to meet and I wanted to thank you directly (also for interviews)

③ Because I really wanted to have an offline exchange meeting

It was the above three points, and why? (second time)

It's the same as what I always say in the end when I'm asked if I'm a good boy when I'm asked by an actual man who has become a covid-XNUMX and working from home is the main thing.


"People don't know until they meet."





So that's really one thing.


Colleagues, bosses, even people above them, no matter how much you exchange lovey-dovey messages with company tools, the other person's character, phrases, personality, oozing atmosphere, sense of humor, etc.


My impression changes drastically when I meet you, andIt's almost impossible for it to be conveyed as it is by word of mouth or on a machine.That means. (I will do my best to tell you!)



Even if you think online (SNS, LINE, etc.) that you don't know if you're thinking kindly, funny, or scary,It's just one side that you can seeI always feel that way, not only at work, but also in my private life.



That's why I wanted to confirm with my own eyes, I wanted to talk~💛



I don't want to feel like I know someone just by exchanging texts🥺

(Some people don't even care about exchanging textsIt's interesting because if you meet such a person, you'll find that they're really good people.)

Arrive at Kyoto Station

First, we arrived at Kyoto Station.

Okada-san who is too beautiful to know her age
(She is a beautiful woman who gives me human rights as well.) to the office with the URL that will be sent to the interviewing woman.

Arrived without even a moment's hesitation, even though I had no sense of direction.Overwhelmingly easy to understand, overwhelmingly kind, overwhelmingly helpful.


I thought it was amazing, recently there are more and more city hotels like this guide (with images), but it's very helpful for those who have a terrible sense of direction...

the staff
I could tell right away that the page was created with the thought, "I want you to come to my house."

Sip the mysterious Toyama Black in Kyoto

And after a series of work was done (!?), we went out to eat and all the staff went to eat ramen.
Regarding this, I can only say that I ate the mysterious Toyama Black, but if the timing is right, I will write about it again.

Members: Thank you and greetings to favorite p

And the long-awaited offline greeting that also serves as an interview ✨✨


If you recommend a woman who is always using in Kyoto, she will definitely meet you, and even if you don't talk to her, she will offer you.

They give me an offer as soon as I hear from them.


Are you receiving an error?A man who replied, "Thank you as always! Thank you for your support."


Always rated by women"He was a very nice person."
"I'm looking forward to seeing you again."Just a voice saying,



To be honest, I'm a guy who usually falls in love with younger boys

I thought it was an urban legend.


(I'm really looking forward to seeing all the young girls together next time...? No way... 🥺)What?I'm sorry.



To be honest, the goodness of middle-aged men is a little microscopic?Ichinano?I don't even know the ichistap cells, just in the brain? ? ? ?Although it was only

If there are men with such outstanding evaluations


"let's meet(How could a man like this be so responsive from such a young woman!?)The one who gave me a voice.

Seeing is believing

I want you to understand.


seeing is believing,It was.

I love younger people, complete defeat.It was good enough to return my palm thinking that maybe only the older ones could have won...(////)

When I first met him, I knew immediately that it was him.

Anyway, he's fast.And immediately came to me with the speed of a racewalker.

Shoes are not from Syunsoku series, but they are Synsoku


Even though he suddenly made time for me, he was quick to decide which shop to talk to.insanely early.Even if you walk ahead,I won't walk faster than I can keep up.

Very prompt, but never feeling rushedSomething that makes women think that they can talk calmly, but they must not forget their dignity.



I have noticed

This isオ ー ラThat's it.人徳That's it.charismaThat's it.

Because, for some reason, when I look at your face, I smile.


Unfair!Very cunning! ! ! ! 🥺


関「Did you have any troubles or good things when you moved from a branch system to FS and CS departments?'

Like p "No, especially!'

関「In returning to the branch system from FS and CS, could you tell us your thoughts and improvements, if any?'

Like p "Nothing in particular~~~↑↑(whooooo!)'



end.The story of the branch system is over, it's over.




"Oh, you know that!Price hike!'

"(Oh,,, it's finally here 😢 I'm sorry... I've been using it a lot)'


"All right!Very good!I'm doing it according to the times'

"(Oh~~~~~~!?What a saying😢'


It was that kind of feeling.


To be honest, it wasn't much of an interview.jokeTalking all the time, being put on, being laughed at while holding your stomach (work!), being listened to about your worries (work!),

Thank you for taking care of me, even though I was exhausted from lack of sleep.


He encouraged me (my body really asks me to work), and he took my brain and heart.



If this kind of person is the representative of Kyoto (Kansai)

I wanted to marry a Kyoto person, so I thought.


Papa life is only for a moment, but with such a personIt looks like it would be fun to spend a life together, That's what I thought.

It was a really meaningful time (for me).I'm really thankful to you.

The person who was offered to this person is really happy, don't miss the chance, I wanted to advise the girl that if you convey your sincerity, you will understand.

I can't do it, but it's itchy ☺



(Are you crying like this?)

I will cherish the selfie two-shot,

Thank you for the fansa (*^^*)✨

Was the CSFS system meaningful after all?

Personally... (not for members, right?)


there were!


  • A new form of work has become possible (staff perspective)
  • There were only local men and women, but I was able to meet wonderful members from other areas (from the staff's perspective)
  • I was able to realize how difficult it is to convey information about a person who I am not in charge of in an inquiry, and how the impression changes depending on the nuances and other ways of expression (staff's perspective).
  • I was able to catch a glimpse of the staff's individual abilities that I had never been involved with before, and I was able to appreciate all the staff involved (staff s...)
  • I started to feel strongly that I wanted to meet the locals and the local staff, and I started to form offline bonds!?
  • Araki's drinking attendance rate increased

...That's all, thank you very much.


People at the company will change (I tried to persuade Mr. Sanada to stop crying at his retirement), working styles will change rapidly, and the system, the way it should be, the policy, and the mobile phone bill may change in the future. And it's out of the way of a genius CEO, and I can't even try to understand it.


Even the staff don't know what's ahead.


Because times change.


but weBeing a living human being does not change.


If you say something nasty, it hurts,I get angry, and when someone says happy things, I'm happy and gratefulTo do.

Most of the staff understand that obvious, and even if the corresponding staff changes, they will not (insure) the members' feelings.

we have feelingsthing, analogyEven if the number of fixed phrases increases, the staff still have some sort of kindness to each member.about,

Even when explaining (and sometimes cautioning) rules that seem to be strict,

Contains "I don't want to leave, so I'll say it now, I'm sorry."about

I would be happy if you could remember it in a corner of your head.

I had a very enjoyable business life.thank you very much.



It's getting a little chilly in the mornings and evenings, so please think of me and stay healthy.Don't dream🥺💦🥺💦🥺💦)

Universe Club Fukuoka A mysterious new department after 4 years from former CS6

Yuna Seki

Author of this article

I like love, but recently I have lost my libido and my only purpose in life is to feed my two cats.Her favorite words are "It's nice~Nice~☆It's naked~★". talk to this staff

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  1. Mr. Seki
    Are you leaving the business?The Fukuoka page from when Mr. Seki was interviewing was good, though.Well, I'm working with an awareness of problems, so I think other departments will come in handy, but as a member, it's a shame.Well, the page is uniform nationwide, so it's hard to put out Mr. Seki's unique color.Good or bad, I think there are opinions here as well.
    As Mr. Seki pointed out, the CSFS system should have been praised from the staff's point of view, but from my point of view, I don't think there was any particular advantage for the members.I wanted to be able to directly ask the staff who interviewed me what kind of child I was, so I appealed directly to the president, but nothing changed, and it seems that he was rejected.People don't know until they meet each other.Well, the CS staff did their best with the information they had.Even if you go back to the branch system, you don't know about girls in other branches.
    Seki-san, I don't know what department you've been transferred to, but please do your best with the same perspective as before.

    1. >> SAT1
      It really hurts me to hear such words.Thank you😢
      As you say, we were able to get a good grasp of what the staff saw as good things, but when we look at it from the male's point of view, we wonder if it was a good response... it's a delicate point. 😢
      However, I think that the color of each branch did not come out much and each became speedy!
      As a former cs staff member, I feel very rewarded for such kind words 😢 Thank you 😢
      yes!I have written somewhere else, but I may update it soon (*^^*) I have been assigned to the PATOLO department!
      There are many things that I think are difficult to work from scratch, but I will do my best!Thank you for your continued support✨

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