[Important] Notice of Revision of Universe Club Membership Terms

【Important Notices】

Dear members,
Always I am indebted.
Thank you for using our club services.
We would like to inform you that from October 2021, 10, we will partially revise the Universe Club Membership Agreement and implement it on the same date.

Please see below for the amended terms.

■ Revision details
Provisions have been added regarding the notification of information to dating club associations.

■ Articles to be amended

Article 25 (Notification to Association)
In the event that the Company suspends the use of all or part of the Service or terminates the Usage Agreement in accordance with Article 12 (Prohibited Acts) or Article 15 (Usage Restrictions and Registration Termination/Termination), and the Company reasonably determines that it is necessary to do so for that reason, the National Association of Social Clubs (hereinafter referred to as "Association"), in which the Company participates (hereinafter referred to as the "Association"), you agree in advance that we may notify you of your name, date of birth, gender, address, contact telephone number, e-mail address, usage history, trouble information, non-payment status and other information (limited to what is necessary to identify the Subscriber and information related to trouble or payment status, as separately determined by us) upon request of the Association. (XNUMX) The Subscriber agrees in advance that the Company may notify the Company of the following information.

■ Revision details
Article numbers from Article 25 to Article 29 have been moved down.There are no changes to the provisions.

■ Articles to be amended

Old: Article 25 (Severability)
New: Article 26 (Severability)

Old: Article 26 (Changes to these Terms)
New: Article 27 (Changes to these Terms)

Old: Article 27 (Governing Law)
New: Article 28 (Governing Law)

Old: Article 28 (Jurisdiction)
New: Article 29 (Jurisdiction)

Old: Article 29 (Customer Consultation Desk)
New: Article 30 (Customer Consultation Desk)

We apologize for the inconvenience, but please confirm the contents of the revised terms and conditions before agreeing.

We appreciate your continued patronage of Universe Club.

Universe Group

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