Dating club 5 years later

Always I am indebted.
This is Kida, the representative.
Tomorrow, from 6/1, there will be another change in the internal organizational structure.
I don't have any employees who talk to me directly, but there may be a lot of employees who honestly say they're fed up.

Therefore, I would like to think for myself why there have been so many changes in the organizational structure recently, and whether it is necessary to do so.

First of all, the addition of branches and the introduction of significant systems have disappeared since Corona.

Until the start of COVID-XNUMX, I was focusing on new businesses and outward-looking things such as app development, marriage-hunting business, and overseas expansion. I decided to.

Second, because I wanted to do it for a long time.

In the same way that I was tempted to redecorate my room during exams, I was always wanting to redecorate the Universe Club, even though I was doing a lot of different things.It wasn't like changing the pattern of the curtains for a change of pace, but it was a remodeling-level change that involved removing the wall and changing the lifestyle.
I can't make a hole in the wall with one hand, so I want to do it when I have time → Corona has arrived.It was the flow

Third, because the time is ripe

Since the office structure, personnel allocation, system efficiency, internal rules and manuals have been established to some extent (created by the manager), we are now able to make forceful organizational changes.


And I will also think about why I have to do it

First, the system of dating clubs will eventually disappear.

It is expected to decline considerably in 5 years, and to be almost non-existent in 10 years.
So, I would like to create a system that can transform into something a little more advanced.

Secondly, the annual income of employees does not increase.

Another senior employee says it's about money, but a company that doesn't raise its annual income is not sexy at all.It's an adult industry, so it's natural that the income is high, right?Employees who think that, it is a story of the past. DMM is amazing not because it dealt with adults, but because it did innovative things. Because it controlled all the production and distribution of AV.

Third, because no one else is doing it

Universe has done a lot of things that are surprisingly new to the industry. Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Profile Videos, Papa Active Words, Nationwide Expansion, Allowance No Touch, Question Box, etc.It's embarrassing to write because it's a natural measure to do in other industries.
Yet Universe is one of many dating clubs.
Instead, we want the dating club to be a universe or something else.Only one.

Fourth, I came to directly supervise sales for the first time in about six years.


In addition, about the future image of the future date club

In my fantasy, I have a feeling that within 5 years it will be like this
The performance of Papa-katsu apps has improved, and Papa-katsu users are shifting from dating clubs to apps
It will be rejected by Apple at the time of shift change, and it will be a website + Android application configuration similar to overseas dad activity sites such as Seeking.
However, there is no innovation in the dad activity site industry, and it remains in the form of just putting the concept of dad activity on the matching app.

The new website launched by UNIVERSE is a WEB browser-based (Progressive Web Apps) matching site, and the construction will be the same as the matching site, with concierge support added.
Selfie-based online registration and interview-based site interview registration are mixed, and the range that can be done, the range that can be seen, and the functions that can be used change depending on the class and fee.A form that combines a matching site and a date club.
Due to the mix, it becomes difficult to know who to choose, so the coordination specialist proposes the most suitable candidate through data analysis and interviews, and the schedule adjustment is almost automatic.
It is not a list of images but a list of videos, and it is not possible to see all registered users.
Communicate with staff and partners via chat (voice or text) on the basic screen.Monthly usage fees are set for both men and women, and are managed by points.
After the relationship, the club is no longer a no-touch, and the membership fee goes up and down in the evaluation system after the relationship.If you commit a deceiving act in a relationship, you will be reported as a violation, warned, and reflected in your score.
Branches will be independent employees and will be franchised, and other clubs and sites will be able to participate, so about 60 organizations (branch offices) will be able to use the same platform and share the customer blacklist. (The one that IBJ and the federation of marriage agencies are doing)

This is what I'm imagining five years from now.

↑ Speaking of which, what was it like five years ago?When I looked at Google Photos, it was like this five years ago.
Not much has changed from now. .

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