What is this ex-employee of Dating Club A!?

Read this article Oh universe! ! ?member who thought
It is not a universe.

"A famous idol.Hope 10 Set 15 >> Produced by Sashihara, Nonno Satake (22) "Dad activity" at a luxury dating club [On-site shooting, evidence email]


A person who testified about Satake's "papa katsu" revealed, "Mr. Satake has repeated meetings with several male members through the introduction of a dating club."This person is actually a former employee of the dating club "A" that Satake is registered with.

Heeee~. . . .eh! !Did an employee sell Mr. Satake to an anthology, even if it was originally?
Oh my god . .This is exactly what it means to have no blood or tears.

hope 10 set 15

While keeping a setting fee higher than Mr. Satake's desired allowance,
In addition, I can't believe I'm going to have a reward for providing the material.

Papa-katsu is now commonplace, but if an article like this appears, I don't think a 22-year-old young woman has the spirit of steel to be able to live a defiant life.

Mr. Z, who is personally acting as a mistress, is also suspicious.
It looks like a composition that an adult wants to get money from one woman.

Some of you may think that the universe is doing the same thing.

Since we are in the same industry, we may be doing the same thing, but
There are no women who are doing dad activities to ruin their lives,As long as I interviewed, I wanted the woman to be a little more positive.We meet daily.

In order to get out of this painful life,
To achieve your goals and dreams,
In order to eliminate the complex
for someone other than myself

There are women who choose Universe for various reasons.

Whether it's a celebrity or an ordinary person, it's the same.
I also wanted to show off when I took pictures of famous people. (smile)

I took a picture of that famous ●●!
I thought it smelled really good. . . .But I won't do such a cool thing (T_T)

Women who are going to be a dad from now on!

Is the person who is trying to introduce you to the dating club really trustworthy?
Did the person in charge of the dating club listen to you seriously?
Are you trying to get them to register with content that is far from your hopes and feelings?

If you don't have the ability to make a firm judgment on your own, there is a high possibility that you won't have to deal with the social damage that celebrities do.
There are many adults who don't care about your goals and dreams and want to turn them into money.

I am also proud to say this, but I have been deceived many times in the past.
That's why I try not to get involved with shady races.

You can tell at a glance if someone is shady.

I think that the flickering shadows of people I don't really understand like this will make the men who support them lose their motivation to spend money.Men only want to support women they like.

After Mr. Sashihara was leaked by a fan,
I got back on my feet and now it's working as if nothing happened.

In the world, there is a strong image that dad life is bad,
There are a lot of celebrities out there who are supported by men who just aren't public.
I hope you don't mind and open up again.

Even if the staff of the Ichi Dating Club writes on the blog, it has no effect,
Don't let the shady man get wet and the women feel sad!
I hope you can protect yourself and enjoy a wonderful life as a dad.





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