youth in various forms

We become indebted to.
This is Kaede Kousaka from Universe Club.

The other day, the horsemeat sashimi that I talked about on my blog arrived at my house! ! !

Deden! ! !


Recently, my partner has been picky about the presentation and served horse sashimi on a slate plate!
Anyway, it was delicious! !Delicious! !Nothing beats this! !That's what I thought...

Kousaka decided! !

I no longer eat horsemeat except at horsemeat specialty shops and hometown tax! !

That was the story of Kosaka horsemeat (^^)

As I wrote last time, I would like to introduce Kousaka's recent situation again this time.

◎ Is this a dad activity?Or...

I finished my work, so when I was heading to the station as usual,
A man in his 60s with frizzy hair and a masked woman in her 40s were walking in front of me.
Both of them were in the 150 cm height range and were chatting in low voices while flirting.

I had no idea what you were talking about...

I thought, "Wow~ there are some strange people~?"
I saw a woman removing her mask at the entrance of the store.

"What are you doing?"

"Chuck"I heard a lip sound...

Eeeeeee! !Let's think about TPO for a moment~~! !I thought.
Did the two of them have their own view of the world?

◎Aaaaa! !This is youth! ! !

I said goodbye to the TPO couple (?) and got on the train.
Then, a couple in their second year of high school boarded from a certain station.
There was only one vacant seat, and the high school couple was conceding which one to sit.

It is the cry of Kousaka's heart at that time.

“Young couples are really good.I thought

After all, she was almost sitting by her boyfriend.
That girlfriend seems to have only moved one station, and the moment she arrived at the nearest station, she hugged her boyfriend! ! ! !


It is the cry of Kousaka's heart at that time.

"Aaaaaaaaaaa!! This is youth!!! Aoharu!! Good!!"

I felt like I was able to show a part of the life of various people on the 1th.

that's all!Kousaka It was a shocking and exciting event that happened recently~~! !

Also, this time we had a wonderful lady come to Chiba, so let me introduce you here!
* Non-members of Universe Club cannot view.
*Tap the image to go to the member site.
*We only pick up women who are registered at the Chiba branch.


As always, it's fun to take pictures (*^^*)?
What's more, it's fun to look at the photos taken by other staff members, and it's a great learning experience! !

こ れ か ら も 何 卒 よ ろ し く お 願 い い た し ま す。

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