[Osaka] The sex of men, the work of women

It always becomes very indebted.
I am Ena Nakatani from Universe Osaka.


One holiday afternoon,
As I was getting ready to go out, the news that was playing...


“…In a house in ○○ city, a resident of ○○ (woman A) died,
A police officer found Mr. ○○ (male), who was unemployed, unconscious and in critical condition.
The police arrested ○○ (woman B) who allegedly punched ○○ (woman A). ”


(A woman beat a woman to death! Scary!!!)
"Mr. XX (Male) was dating Mr. XX (Woman A) and Mr. XX (Woman B)."


(A tangle of love triangles, huh...)


"Mr. ○○ (male) is 80 years old..."


(Male 80 years old!?)


"Arrested Mr. ○○ (Female B) 64 years old..."


(Female 64 years old!?)


"Ms. ○○ (woman B) was interrogated and said, 'I told you not to go to the house of a woman other than me,
I was angry because I went there, so I hit him.”


(I thought it was a love triangle between a young man and woman...?)



Male: 80 + Female A: 67 + Female B: 64 = 211


The tangle of relationships between men and women is always a shambles,
I was even more shocked that all of them had passed their XNUMXth birthday.


"A man cannot live without a woman, but a woman can live without a man"
``Men are ``save as names'' and women are ``overwrite saves'' theory, etc.
There are various theories about love,

How do you feel about this horrific incident that happened in the real world?



I think it's wonderful to be able to enjoy love no matter how old you are,
The sight of an elderly couple walking hand in hand is heartwarming.


(Once upon a time, I used to smile at an elderly couple in a commercial for a certain kitchen detergent.

I also thought that I want to be a couple like this. )

Also, the passion you can have for one person (to the point of beating a rival woman to death!?)
Horror enough to make you shudder + envy + envy... etc. Various thoughts will intersect.


However, if I am the daughter of the arrested woman B or a related person,
I'm going to change my mind again... While I was thinking about it, time passed by every second,
It was a holiday afternoon when I was late for a meeting with a friend.


Universe Osaka

Ena Nakatani

Author of this article

I am studying every day with the quote of the painter Picasso, "The most wonderful healing in life, that is love" in my heart.

4 Replies to “[Osaka] Man's Sex, Woman's Work”

  1. Thank you for your comment Mac. I was shocked by this incident, thinking that "age doesn't matter", so maybe I have a strong feeling about how men and women should be at different ages.Is it only women who love turns into hate? ? (^^;

  2. Men may have it too.Please be careful (^^. The end of love → hate → sadness → oblivion. I feel that women are stronger in the middle two, but it may be a selfish assumption. The end → sadness → oblivion, I think that hatred does not go through.There are age waves in sexual desire, but love for the opposite sex has no age relation.Both men and women will turn to ashes.Please be prepared (laughs).

  3. Mr. Mac The end of love → hatred → sadness → oblivion... I was so convinced that I nodded many times.It's a quality that I can't forget even if I want to, but f^.^;(laughs)

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