[Nagoya] The happiness of being able to learn at any age

Thank you for always taking care of me, I am Matsuda from Universe Nagoya.
Thank you for using Universe Club!

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Sorry for the late report, but I will report it after the fact, but I Matsuda will actually be on a business trip to Kansai from today.
It seems that this month is a cost reduction strengthening month in the universe, but...
Expenses must be used with a purpose, and I believe that they are expenses only when they produce results.
The purpose of this business trip is right out!It is to absorb the strengths of other branches' operations and return them to each branch, and to listen to the voices of the male members on the ground!
We appreciate your valuable time so that we can hear various stories from our male members in Kansai and receive advice.
Taking advantage of this opportunity, I would like to do my best to work on business that is beneficial to the male members of each branch.
I will be in the Kansai area until Friday, so I still have time to spare.

If there is a male member who says, "I will tell you the story!", I would appreciate it if you could spare your time.


Actually, this time, I have a hidden ambition, and that is that the Nagoya branch will surpass the Osaka branch in many ways.

Just as there is a saying that goes to Nagoya, I felt frustrated that Nagoya would be left out of the list of regional cities, so I came to Osaka with the enthusiasm of "Fuck it! I'm not going to lose to Osaka!" .

But why?People seem to feel that the more glass-enclosed buildings there are, the more urban it is.
From the beginning, I suddenly felt depressed, saying, "I might not be able to compete."
But in terms of the number of female members, it seems that Osaka will catch up with us a little more!This is Matsuda, who is thinking about things like gekokujo.do one's best!
Today, I interviewed one of the male members, and then visited the Osaka branch and the Kobe branch.
It was a very valuable story, but I think I'll leave this man's story for another time (Maybe Takeuchi will write the column first...).
Nagoya branch, this month5th anniversary eventIt's a lot!
By the way, the point is here!

Even if you are not from Nagoya, you can apply if you come to Nagoya for an interview and register at the Nagoya branch.

I was worried whether it would be okay to put it here ・ sweat
I would like you to come to Osaka with the feeling of "Never, at least this month...".

We would like to keep you informed of our business trips.

Thank you very much!
Tomoyuki Matsuda

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2 Replies to “[Nagoya] The joy of being able to learn at any age”

  1. Mr. Matsuda: Just like the boss, you have a strong sense of rivalry with Osaka (not only).Nagoya is indeed controlled to the end.Ah, Mr. Matsuda, you weren't at the bottom now.The anniversary events in Nagoya are always wonderful, so I thought last year that sat1 would become a member of Nagoya just this season.

  2. sat1 Thank you for your comment!I'm so happy! !It may not be a feeling of rivalry, but it may be just an insatiable desire to do more and more and more and more.After that improvement, I had an image of when I crossed over a big branch.I would appreciate it if you could consider it this year.Newcomers in Nagoya also remember this quickly!I think that Matsuda will surely be the end of eternity, so I will continue to struggle forever.I hope that he will watch over me with warm eyes.

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