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Thank you for always watching.

I inherited the baton from Ishii from the northern country.
This is Miyoshi from Universe Omiya branch.


My heart was pounding as I wondered if it would come to me sooner or later.
The communication from Ishii was as light and refreshing as the spring breeze, so my heart didn't stop.
I am always grateful for your help.I really envy that soft and firm feeling.


Let's get to the point...


■Name… Nanami Miyoshi
■Branch name: Omiya branch
■How long has it been since you joined the company? The day after tomorrow will be half a year.
QXNUMX. What kind of woman was the woman you interviewed most recently?

She spoke three languages, was expressive, full of energy and charm.


QXNUMX. Who is your favorite male member?
Thank you very much for contacting us.
The Omiya branch restarted in January this year with a combination of Miyoshi and Hayakawa, who are mainly Pepe.
I'm still immature, but at first, each one was really terrible.
However, everyone was very kind to us.
Thank you very much for always responding warmly to my clumsy interviews, phone calls, and emails.
QXNUMX. What is your favorite job?
When contacting a female member on the day of a date.
I'm watching over you from Omiya, feeling like an older sister.
QXNUMX. Respect/favorite staff and reasons
If I could only choose one, it would be Kida.
If possible, I want to absorb all the words and correspondence.


If I can be reborn, I want to be either Kitamura from the Tokyo branch or Toritani from the Kyoto branch.
Both of them are kind and charming.
QXNUMX. Recent troubles
Date cancellation late the night before, cancellation 1 hour before date on the day, cancellation 30 minutes before date
I woke up on the same day and almost cried.
All three of them received kind words from the men, and I could only thank them.I will do my best to recover.
QXNUMX. What made you happy recently?
In the questionnaire after the date, I was praised for the women in Omiya.thank you!
QXNUMX. Staff to be entrusted next and the reason
Mizuno, a cat massage store and marketer.
When this baton started, Mizuno was the one that came to my mind when I thought about who I would like to read.
QXNUMX. Future ambitions within Universe Club(or delusion


x month x day 20xx
~At Universe Club New York Branch~


"It's serious! Mr. ●●, who is meeting at Central Park North,
We've been informed that you made a mistake and arrived at Central Park South! "


"What?! It's not the distance you need to move with heels!
Even though it's only a one-hour date that the two of you managed to arrange today! "


Jiririn (company phone)


“I was just there on my bike!
We will meet ●● and drive you to the meeting place in 5 minutes! 』


I want to do something like...
In the future, when the New York branch opens, I would like to take a break and visit it.
It can't be said that you're just a delusion, and the day may come when it becomes true.
…That’s no good.First of all, we will try to prevent such mistakes as much as possible in advance.


The analog setting is not because I was born in the Showa era, but because I was born in the Showa era.
Please forgive me.

Also, the bicycle in the delusion is a tandem bicycle (for multiple people).Do not worry.

This concludes my baton blog.Thank you very much for staying with us until the end.

Thank you for your continued support.

Nanami Miyoshi

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  1. Mr. Miyoshi It seems that Miyoji is your favorite.In Omiya, I pray that the number of male members, the number of female members, and the number of settings will become a favorable trend and surge.What's this.

  2. sat1 Thank you for always taking care of us! (*^^*) Your warm words really encouraged me! ! I will do my best to meet sat1's wishes!

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