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I am Katsuki from the Chiba branch.

Summer is approaching.
It's time for room temperature to go astray if there are people who are sensitive to heat and cold in the office.
If possible, I want you to match the heat...

However, when it gets warm, the tension rises,Female OfRegistration IncreasingI have come! !

more eventsSummer:
I want to hold hands with you and go to the festivalSummer:
I want to lower the room temperature of the cooler and wrap myself in a blanketSummer:

It's a fun season when someone is next to you

If you want to be with someone, please visit our website.

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(In charge of elegance) I'm tall, so if you want something tall, please let me know.But I have a bad back, so I can only take up to 500g.After that, please give me a waist massage.

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